New Research Says G8 Has Carbon Emission Deficit of 5.5 Trillion
The international climate change negotiation is headed towards a critical juncture with the long-awaited climate conference in Copenhagen due to be held in December.
A New Atmospheric Villain
Experts reveal a new and thus far ignored culprit in China's struggle against air pollution.
All Systems Go for China's Blastoff to Mars
The planned October launch of China's first Martian probe is part of an international project and a springboard for solo expeditions.
Heavy Metal Warfare
Can a vague system, limited budget and immature technology salvage Hunan from extreme heavy metal pollution?
Blog: The Importance of Energy Audit
Compared to energy conservation and emissions reductions, right now the government is not paying enough attention to energy audits.
Mercury Casts Long Shadow over Wanshan
A Guizhou Province community where mercury was mined for centuries is grappling with a legacy of pollution – and death.
Wetlands Concern Forces Refinery Relocation
Kuwaiti and Chinese partners need a new Guangdong Province site for a petrochemical complex now that Nansha has been spared.
Scientists: Volcanism in Mount Emei Linked to Mass Extinction
A large scale volcanic eruption in the Permian period might have played a large part in the global mass extinction of land and marine life.
China to Announce Renewable Energy Blueprint
The new plan is expected to raise existing targets for renewable energy development to a much higher level.
Pollution Monitors: Lights, Camera, Inaction
China's nationwide, online pollution monitoring system is a technological wonder but not necessarily an environmental remedy.
Lunar Exploration: Act II
Before 2013, China plans to launch its first moon landing and send an unmanned exploration vehicle out on the lunar surface.
Cloning Researcher Faces Test of Integrity
A scientist who says he pioneered human embryonic cloning in China is embroiled in controversy over his results and credentials.
China to Become Second Largest Wind Power Producer
China will reach its wind production target of 30 gigawatts in 2010, a decade ahead of schedule.
Climage Change: Crucial Decisions in 2009
On top of post-Kyoto emissions targets, a UN conference to be held at the end of the year will decide, or fail to decide, how the global community responds to climate change.
Seismic Jolt
The deadly Wenchuan earthquake taught China hard lessons about the importance of early warnings and disaster mitigation
CAS Launches Solar Energy Plan
The Chinese Academy of Sciences announced plans to crank up solar energy usage across the country.
Shanghai Scrapes Sky as the Ground Sinks
Is urban development, including China's highest building now under construction, hastening Shanghai's slide into the sea?
China to Invest More in the Power Grid
China will focus on beefing up the power grid and developing clean energy.
Brown Clouds, Haze on Pollution Watchlist
Scientists say a brown cloud layer blankets huge areas of the planet, including China, threatening the climate and human health.
Environmental Targets Slip Further from Reach
Two major goals of the NDRC, reducing pollution, and promoting the service industry, may be in jeopardy, as heavy industry gets a boost.
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