No Connections Between Recent Earthquakes, Expert Says
There are no connectios betwween recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Japan, and the world's current seismic activity is at the average level,said seismologists
IMF Suggests How to Raise Climate Change Funds
IMF proposed countries adopt a quota system to raise money needed for climate change according to its members' economic sizes
Non-fossil Fuels Consumption Needs to be Doubled in 2020
China has to double its consumption on non-fossil fuels to reach the set goal of 15 percent in the primary energy consumption
Slow Sino-U.S. Synergy on Climate Change
In the run-up to Copenhagen, the United States and China have set the right tone for cooperation. Will concrete action follow?
Commercial Extraction of Flammable Ice 15 to 20 Years Away
An expert suggests that a trial program for commercial viability of exploiting natural gas hydrate reserves should be integrated into the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011 to 2015).
IEA Estimates Massive Costs to Postponing Emissions Reduction
Report foresees US$ 10 trillion in additional energy investment from 2010 to 2030 to control carbon emissions; Energy cost savings by fossil fuels reduction will amount to US$ 8.6 trillion.
China's First Environmental Civil Case Ends in Mediation
Despite ending in mediation, the Jiangyin case makes history as the first civil environmental lawsuit, with a social organization as a plaintiff, to be heard by a Chinese court.
Trail of Death Leads Doctors to Nanoparticles
Beijing doctors who studied the deaths of paint shop employees have joined an international debate over nanoparticle safety.
Legal Struggles for a Cleaner Environment
An environmental group's success in court against a local government agency may lay the groundwork for legal progress.
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