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China's PMI falls to record low since March 2009.

RMB real effective exchange rate(REER) added 1.05% in October.

Shanghai begins issuing bonds on Nov 15th.

China's total holdings of US treasury debt rose in September.

China's foreign exchange reserve added $92.1 billion in Q3.

China's foreign trade is estimated to rise 20% year-on-year in 2011.

China's savings deposit in RMB dropped while loans in RMB rose in October.

China's foreign trade dropped 8.3 percent in October

China's second largest developer saw a steep fall in house sales.

China's real estate faces a meltdown after home sales hit record low.

China-Africa Development fund is looking for more investors.

China's CPI is likely to fall to 5.5 percent in October.

China's trade surplus is about to rise after falling for two consecutive months.

China's PMI dropps for the first time in three month, which indicates a slowdown of the country's ecomonic growth.

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