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The CSRC will continue expanding the CSRC scheme and speeding up the approval of QFII to allow more foreign capital into the country’s securities markets.

HKEx CEO Charles Li declined to disclose details of the bid, but did mention that the exchange operator may consider issuing new shares or other financing vehicles.

At the annual shareholder’s meeting for Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday, Warrant Buffet said he would prefer Chinese companies that export quality goods, especially consumer goods

The 4-month falling streak in yuan deposits reflected investors' lower expectation on yuan appreciation, said an HK analyst, adding that yuan deposits are likely to continue the downward trend in the following months

April has seen an acceleration in mortgage as China's banks introduced favorable interest rates

After-tax net profits of Chinese banks have nearly doubled in the past five years, from 446.7 billion yuan in 2007 to 1.25 trillion yuan by the end of 2011

The crown of major global liquidity provider has fallen onto the PBoC, rather than the traditionally-recognized central lender in the U.S. or the Europe

The group planned to issue a CNY2 billion bond for investors in the UK and the continental countries.

The CSRC is also stepping up efforts to launch the "new third board," a new over-the-counter (OTC) equity market, aiming to provide a new financing channel for small, unlisted firms, according to Guo.

Fitch said non-performing loans of China’s three policy banks may be understated due to widespread forbearance for policy loans

China has announced to double the yuan trading band to 1% beginning April 16th.

A series of piloting financial reforms in south China's Shenzhen has reportedly won approval from the state level, bringing the long-awaited innovations closer to reality.

China’s biggest four lenders extended 294.6 billion yuan in new loans;deposits in the four banks swelled by 2.25 trillion yuan

Shares of three Chinese companies suspended trading on Thursday in Hong Kong, due to accounting-related problems

A pilot program to accelerate China's financial reforms by allowing residents to invest abroad and encouraging private investment in local financial institutions has elicited cautious praise from experts and analysts

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