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Chinese companies have seen their earnings bleak recently with 22 of them posting the first loss in three years in the first half of this year, data from Wind showed.

The narrow measure of money supply, M1, rose 4.5 percent to 28.57 trillion yuan

Social financing totaled 1.24 trillion yuan in August, 188.5 billion higher than that in July

China Development Bank will sell 10.2 billion yuan worth of asset-back securities (ABS) on Friday this week

The proportion of short-term loans and commercial paper in total loans has remained high,

Two retail investors who suffered heavy losses in the stock market have faked up the rumors, according to China's securities regulator.

Huijin bought 7 million more share of ICBC in the second quarter, after reports from the other three major Chinese lenders showed that it increased 3.85 million, 0.76 million and 8 million shares of CCB,BoC and ABC

Bargain-hunting oversea investors are eying China's stock market for profit on optimism about the country's long-term growth, and bets on broader policy changes

Expectations for a cheaper RMB are pushed higher on China’s weaker exports in an economy downturn

China has put on hold a plan to allow short selling -bets that stocks will fall in value-via the intermediary at a time when markets have been under selling pressure

The nonperforming-loan ratios for the retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors witnessed the fastest rise in the six months, followed by the construction and transportation sector

Extra costs may occur though during the transition. There are also moral risks if companies take government requirement as an excuse to change auditing firms

China's central bank launched an 80 billion yuan seven-day reverse repos and 65 billion yuan 14-day reverse repos Thursday

PBoC launched 22 billion yuan reverse repos Tuesday; 120 billion yuan of reverse repos, as well as 33 billion of central bank bills and repos mature this week.

China's biggest four banks extended about 70 billion yuan in new loans in the first half of August, up about 20 billion from the same period in the previous month

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