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The Chinese currency has been hitting new highs in October, gaining as much as 0.75 percent so far in the month

artificially low deposit rates have prevented the banks from fully nurturing a risk-pricing culture

China’s local government debt should be closely watched as there will be a repayment hike in the following two years

The panel consists of members from 12 ministries, aiming to exploit more active roles from the ministries

Social financial aggreate was up 1.22 trillion from the same month a year ago and 404 billion more than that in August

The news came following reports that China’s top four banks will jointly boycott the Tokyo meetings amid escalating territorial rows between Japan and China

"Currently, the eternal environment for our country's economic growth is very grim, while the deep impact of the international crisis has continued to strengthen,"said Zhou

Financial cooperation between the two nations remains in the infant stage, despite that China is South Korea's No. 1 trading partner.

The central bank injected a net of 365 billion yuan into the banking system, which would be its biggest ever weekly fund injection.

The central bank is becoming relatively cautious in cutting reserve requirement ratio when compared with frequent use of repos as there’s less necessity for loose monetary policies in a stabilizing economy

The People's Bank of China conducts a 100 billion yuan of 14-day reserve repo at 3.45 percent, and 190 billion yuan of 28-day reserve repo at 3.6 percent Tuesday

The approvals bring the total of amount of foreign funds that can invest in domestic markets to 9.18 billion U.S. dollars ending September 19 this year

Chinese banks sold a net 17.4 billion yuan (2.75 billion U.S. dollars) in foreign exchange in August, widening from a net sale of 3.8 billion yuan in July

Qu Hongbin said QE3 will bring China more benefits than side effects as a stabilizing U.S. economy will support the country’s exports and ease capital outflow.

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