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Ending December 16, the biggest four state-owned Chinese lenders, known as "big four", had extended less than 79 billion yuan in new loans in the month

Chinese banking institutions are ordered to screen out sources of risks in their distribution of third-party products, amid recent sirens triggered by scandals in Huaxia and other banks

Recent attacks against a Chinese pharmaceutical firm in the latest case and liquor makers may have offered a clue to the nascent short-selling industry in China which appears to have taken shape.

fiscal spending in the first 11 months grew 17.9 percent from a year earlier to 10.49 trillion yuan. That compared with a budged spending of 12.43 trillion

China's outstanding wealth-management products hit 6.73 trillion yuan ending September, up nearly 47 percent from 4.58 trillion at the year end of 2011

Systemically important banks will have to meet minimum capital thresholds of 6.5 percent for core tier one capital ratio, 7.5 percent for tier 1 capital ratio and 9.5 percent for capital ratio

New loans extended by the four biggest banks in China were 168 billion yuan in November, down from the previous month's 220 billion

Chinese authorities have detained some of the persons involved in the illicit sale of wealth management products at Huaxia Bank, which defaulted and generated losses of up to 100 million yuan for investors

Ihe charge highlights clashing between SEC and China's regulator over the sharing of audit information as SEC probes into a series of accounting frauds at Chinese companies traded in the U.S.

Some 30 investors were demonstrating in Lujiazui, Shanghai, outside a Huaxia branch, chanting slogans like "Huaxia Bank, Repay Our Money" on Friday.

The central bank this week will drain a net of 40 billion yuan from the banking system via open market operations, the fourth consecutive weekly drain.

China’s stock markets dropped across the board Tuesday with the Shanghai benchmark index heading to a 45-month low.

In addition to higher capital ratios, the new rules which take effect at the beginning of 2013 will also improve banks' risk management

The aggregate debt issue in the interbank bond market totaled 6.2 trillion yuan in the first ten months

Mr. Xiao were not made central bank chief he would have a strong chance for heading another financial regulatory agency such as the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

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