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Yi Gang said the exchange rate is be more market-oriented

The People's Bank of China is expected to launch a campaign to rectify interbank bond market, as soon in May

The ministry attributed the weaker growth to tepid economic expansion, structural tax reforms and slowing imports.

A few large economies need to watch for possible overheating

"For LGFVs with a lower-than-100 percent cash flow coverage ratio or higher-than-80 percent debt-to-assets ratio, their loans as a share of total bank lending should not be higher than that in the previous year"

The world’s second largest economy could face mass corporate defaults which it has been desperate to avoid, if debt injections are to continue, said Durden.

Chen Yuan, who has served the bank for 15 years as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1998, is renowned as the pioneer of China’s development finance.

M2, a broad measure of money supply, rose 15.7 percent year-on-year to 103.61 trillion yuan ending March

Defaults by companies in industries saddled with excessive capacity, like PV, steel and shipping, as well as small manufactures, contributed largely to banks' non-performing loans.

China is the largest trading partner for Australia and Australia now is China’s fifth largest importer with nearly a third of its exports going to China in 2012.

If proved to be true, Tian Guoli, who has been Chairman of the Board of the group since July 2011, would take the top spot at one of China’s largest four state-owned banks, marking a big step in his career.

Declining land sales and squeezed house transactions under property regulations are adding increasing financial pressures to local governments as their debt repayment is coming to a peak in the following two years.

New loans denominated in yuan could hit 1 trillion yuan and total social financing is expected to recover to around 1.9 trillion yuan

Analysts expect the RMB to continue its rising streak in the short term boosted by stronger economic growth.

Annual pay for employees at the “big five” exceeded 200, 000 yuan led by ICBC workers who were paid an average of 223, 400 yuan, almost nine times the national average level.

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