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The real estate sector is apparently the largest destination for the shadow credit, attracting 13 trillion yuan compared with an unofficial estimate of 30.8 billion in the non-bank credit market.

Temasek has confidence in the Chinese government and companies in solving risks the banking industry has so far exhibited, said Ding Wei, head of Temasek China.

China has seen a monthly net capital outflow in 16 of the last 18 weeks, according to EPFR's figures

It came two months after regulators in the two countries signed a pact allowing the US to access to documents from Chinese accounting firms.

In China’s banking system without deposits insurance, depositors presumably think the government would step in if a crisis should happen, despite the absence of explicit rules.

The overnight Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate (SHIBOR) fell 67 basis points to 3.786% Tuesday, the 8th consecutive drop after the PBoC took measures to cool down sizzling inter-bank lending rates.

Chinese bank may have extended about 800 billion yuan($130 billion) in new loans in June, slower than the 900 billion yuan recorded a year earlier

The monthly growth in June was down sharply from May which saw a surge of 284.3billion yuan in new funds outstanding for foreign exchange from a month earlier.

The SCI has fallen as much as 12.8 percent in the first half of 2013, ranking among the world’s largest losers after Russia, Brazil and Egypt.

The sharp rise is largely attributed to the Chinese government’s intention to channel overseas capital into mainland’s security markets at a time when its stock market is going through a correction.

The PBoC will "actively" use tools such as open market operations and rediscount to "timely adjust liquidity in the banking system, tame short-term abnormal volatility, stabilize market expectations and..."

The CSRC will push ahead reforms in the capital market, and improve market environment and confidence by adopting comprehensive measures.

The extraordinary squeeze in the financial market is a smack in the face for investors sentiment and the stock and bond markets is likely to go through great volatilities as risk appetite wanes

Private capital has been largely kept outside of China’s financial system over concerns that it, with the nature of fueling speculation, may add risks to the financial system.

The central bank denies lack of overall liquidity in the banking system, but orders banks to better manage their liquidity.

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