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The lcoal government's debt-to-GDP ratio was 1.5 times higher than the U.S. red line on government debt levels.

Among many violations of laws and regulations, Everbright Securities was accused of insider trading and misleading investors

NPL ratio is likely to rise to as high as 3 percent by the end of the year from 1.6 percent last year

Non-interest income rose of Bank of China sharply in the period, at 68.96 billion yuan which represents a year-on-year increase of 24.01 percent

Officials from India, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa agreed to set up the bank with a total capital of USD 50 billion, shared equally among them.

Chinese banks may have embraced the smallest net growth increase in the period in four years.

The zone would likely serve as a testing ground for the central government to launch major financial reforms.

Net interest income rose 10.59 percent year-on-year to 187.7 billion yuan, or 74.6 percent of operating revenue.

Shares of the state-owned brokerage were suspended again this afternoon, and will resume trading on Friday

Major Chinese mutual funds and brokerages have lowered their rating for Everbright Securities along with forecasts of the company's earnings in the coming two year.

Fapiao can mainly be sorted into two categories – general invoices and special value-added tax (VAT) invoices.

Traders of the company may have mistyped 4.02 percent for 4.20 percent, while hitting the wrong button of "sell" instead of intended "buy".

"Design flaws" of the brokerage's trading system, rather than "human errors", should be blamed for the chao.

Media says the snafu was a result of a sudden shift from the mimic panel to actual trading.

Among the rumors circulated in the market is a speculation that traders at the securities firm had mistakenly handled deals of up to 7 billion yuan, leading to the snafu.

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