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Eight Chinese companies together raised $800million on the U.S. markets, compared with $153million last year raised by two.

The economist showed great concern for possible large-scale capital outflows triggered amid panic although he said the impact the Fed tapering has on China is mostly physiological.

New finance measures will help municipal governments repay debt.

The Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate (Shibor) rates kept rising across the board on Monday despite last week's Short-term Liquidty Operations.

Last year, the corporate leverage ratio in China reached 113 percent of its GDP, compared with OECD's important marker of 90 percent.

It would be the best option for HSBC to sell out Industrial Bank, which could help it raise some 1.4 billion Hong Kong dollars.

The value of total outstanding WMPs exceeded 10 trillion yuan in early December, growing by more than 3trillion in less than a year.

The People's Bank of China announced yesterday an emergency injection of liquidity into financial markets through SLOs to avert a short-term credit crunch.

China's central bank has reportedly banned the country's third-party payment providers from offering payment and settlement services to Bitcoin trading activities

Any macroeconomic policies must conform to the "spirit of reform", indicating that monetary policy might take new forms.

China's banking regulator has exerted controls on a variety of issues including the licenses, business model, risk management and exit mechanism.

A complete government debt regime would require local governments to not only issue debt independently but also to create balance sheets, file public financial reports and work with credit-rating services, Guan said.

The Chinese insurer purchased 1.13 billion Shanghai-traded shares of China Merchants Bank at an average price of 12.27 yuan each -- up from the bank's closing price of 10.90 yuan on Monday

Beijing has been trying to deleverage a Chinese economy that has become increasingly insensitive to investments on the back of decades of rapid growth.

CCB and BOC plan to issue 5 billion yuan each while the ICBC, ABC and CDB are considering an issuance of 43 billion each.

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