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The CSRC has already asked local agencies to bring with their own reform packages in the first quarter

China's new yuan-denominated lending was at around 8.9 trillion yuan in 2013, up 688 billion yuan year on year.

The banking regulator is speeding up the rollout of a bank bankruptcy law, said CBRC deputy chairman Yan Qingmin.

The CSRC said Sunday that any companies which set their IPO PE ratios higher than that of industrial peers in the secondary market must publish repeated risk warnings before opening subscriptions to retail investors.

The investment broke the record set by Lending Club in May, 2013 when Google made a $125million investment to the San Francisco-based P2P company.

The company plans to submit materials for an A-share listing to China's securities regulator as soon as next month, said Greenland chairman Zhang Yuliag today.

The People's Bank of China skipped open market operations for the second week on Tuesday following declining short-term lending rates.

Markets have turned upbeat about the Chinese yuan since last September with the currency constantly hitting record highs against the U.S. dollar, leading to surges in capital inflows.

Eleven of 16 A-share listing banks saw their shares down below their NAV at Tuesday’s closing.

Important gauges of the manufacturing and service industries fell in December, triggering doubts about the prospects for China's economic growth and its stock market performance this year.

Licenses for the country’s first batch of private banks are expected to be issued before March, said Cai E’sheng, deputy chairman with the China Banking Regulatory Commission.

In addition, the banks' exposure as a proportion of total local debt had already declined to around 57 percent, in line with market anticipations, said Shang Fulin.

Chinese regulators' attitudes towards shadow banks are mild and heavy-handed actions are not likely, said an unnamed person familiar with the case.

The newspaper estimated that total new lending could hit around 600 billion yuan in December.

As a supplement to the country's RMB going-out policy, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) has reached currency swap agreements totaling CNY2.5 trillion with 23 foreign central banks since 2008.

Subscriptions for all the issues will begin on Jan 8. In all, 50 companies will go public this month, according to the CSRC.

The NDRC says it will let local government financing vehicles issue new bonds to replace old ones that may have matured but can't currently be repaid due to lack of funds.

ICBC, with a market value of 213.7 billion U.S. dollars ending Monday, fell to the fourth place from the previous top spot, trailing behind Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Wells Fargo Bank and JPMorgan Chase.

Most of the five companies got the long-awaited nod from the China Securities Regulatory Commission nearly 18months after passing the regulator's IPO reviews last year.

Investors are pulling their money out of China's stock markets ahead of January's IPO resumption which is expected to unleash Chinese companies' fund-raising appetites which have been held back for a year.

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