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The economic momentum on a quarterly basis turned into a modest recovery spiral from the rapid decline in the second quarter, and the fourth quarter GDP growth is to continue to fall to 8.8 percent.

China has tightened its economic ties with Latin America countries, making the region the second largest investment destination.

Three growth engines – urbanization, expansion of domestic consumption and greening capacity – will sustain China’s economy growth at 9 percent over the next five to ten years.

China will expect another three hikes of required deposit reserves in its banks next year, as large capital inflows continue flooding into the country due to loosening monetary policies in G3.

The central bank on Tuesday raised interest rates for the first time in nearly three years in an attempt to combat inflation and soak up excessive market liquidity.

China is committed to pushing forward the gradual currency reforms while maintain the currency at a stable and balanced level.

The World Bank has projected East Asia's economic growth at 8.9 percent, while warning capital risks to the stability of economy.

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