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Chinese yuan has strengthened beyond 6.6 against the dollar, the one-week high.

Controlling liquidity to keep money growth from running too fast still remains one of the major tasks for central government in the first quarter.

China’s economy is growing at a pace 20-30 times faster than that in western countries, so it is likely for China to become the world’s consumption engine over three to five years.

The 15 deals worth up to 46.68 billion U.S. dollars covered areas in low-carbon development, wildlife protection, deep sea oil and gas production and co-operations in financial sectors.

China’s new lending in 2010 was 7.95 trillion yuan, and the broad money supply, or M2 rose 19.7 percent year-on-year to 72.58 trillion yuan.

700 million farmers couldn’t benefit from the country’s rapid growth and prosperity.

Prices in China set to rebound in January as the year-end effect fades away, along with robust growth of real economy and ample liquidity.

Although the government raised the official inflation target from 3 percent this year to about 4 percent next year, its attitude towards inflation has not changed fundamentally.

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