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"Who won? Did China win and rest of the world lose? Did China lose and rest of the world win? The reality is China won and the rest of the world won..."

Polices must be adjusted in time to subdue rising prices, warned Zhou.

China’s 2011 lending target hasn’t been set, China’s top banking regulator was cited as saying by the China Securities Journal on Thursday.

World Bank chief economist Justin Lin (Lin Yifu) warned Beijing on Tuesday over property price bubbles and the unfair income distribution.

Some commercial banks in China have raised their lending rates by as much as 45 percent over the benchmark rate because of the shortage of the funds.

China could further raise interest rate in February to combat rising inflation that is likely to send CPI to a new high.

More than 100 billion U.S. dollars worth of deals had been signed during Chinese leaders’ visits to the United States, Europe, India and Pakistan in the recent two months.

China understands a stronger yuan is in its best interest though President Hu Jintao made no specific commitment to let the currency rise more rapidly.

GDP growth in 2011 is projected at 9.3 percent, and inflation will rise 4.3 percent ,according to Reuters poll.

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