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Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan on Monday has called for a fair trade access for Chinese companies into the American market, expressing worries that economic ties may be strangled by politics.

Topics on trade and investment will dominate the annual China-U.S. high-level talks to be opened today, analysts say.

China is mulling a stronger yuan to curb inflation, echoing the United State’s appeal to let the yuan appreciate faster.

Chinese yuan is expected to replace the British pound sterling as the third most popular currency for trade settlement globally in the next half year.

The huge stockpile of foreign exchange reserves in China is the main source of excessive liquidity in the country, says central bank Vice-Governor Yi Gang.

China had deducted its holdings of U.S. long-term corporate bonds including those issued by Fannie and Freddie by a significant 94 billion U.S. dollars ending June 2010.

The news of Bin Laden's death has sent the U.S. equity high at Monday’s opening, but slumped as the fall of crude oil prices lead to an overall decline of energy stocks. The price of gold future hit a record high on the same day.

China's manufacturing activities are held steady in April, while factory inflation dropped to an eight-month trough.

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