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European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has not made any promises to grant China improved trading status in return for China’s aiding to the debt-ridden European countries, Reuters reported

The world is unlikely to suffer a double-dip recession, but there are indeed chances to slip into recession, if no decisive and effective measures are taken to guard against risks,said Zhu Min

Here, I wish to reiterate that China's opening up to the outside world is a long-term commitment which covers all fields and is mutually beneficial.

Li Daokui, an academic advisor to the central bank, said Wednesday that the world does not need a “bleeding heart,” referring to China’s willingness to purchase euro bonds.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Wednesday that China would continue to increase domestic consumption, and sustain a sound economy by promoting low-carbon development and innovation.

China has so far no timetable for the free convertibility of yuan's capital account, disproving a recent media report that China may make the yuan fully convertible by 2015.

"Inflation peaked in July and eased in August. However, its subsequent slowdown is expected to be very gradual. As such, we expect the PBoC to keep the policy rate on hold in the coming months."

The consumer price index (CPI) in China grew 6.2 percent in August from a year earlier and the producer product index (PPI) rose 7.3 percent compared with the same period of last year.

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