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An unnamed authority source dismissed reports that China may consider banning a popular corporate structure, known as VIE.

China faces the pressure of price rise and capital inflows in the short term, while growth impetus remains strong now and in the near future, central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan has said.

China's domestic loans equaled 173 percent of GDP at the end of June 2011, the IMF said, calling it "well above the levels of credit" for developing co

Growth continues to moderate but the economy is still cooling at a controlled pace. With less dependence on net exports, China's resilient domestic demand should support around 8.5-9% growth in coming quarters.

"To support a stronger economic recovery …The Committee intends to purchase, by the end of June 2012, $400 billion of Treasury securities with remaining maturities of 3 years or less"

China is extremely "disappointed" that the European Union has not until now recognized China's full market economy status

Gary Locke, the new U.S. ambassador to China, complained recently that foreign countries are not allowed to invest in many field in China

A burst of non-performing loans in the coming two to three years will lead to a serious erosion of commercial banks’ revenue

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