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The number of outbound mergers and acquisitions conducted by Chinese companies will continue to rise, boosted by the overseas expansion of mining, oil and auto industries.

JP Morgan on Tuesday lowered its forecast of China’s growth of gross domestic product at 9.8 percent this year and 8.6 percent in 2011.

Global FDI flows will regain its pre-crisis levels in 2012 with 1.6 – 2 trillion U.S. dollars, a UNCTAD report says.

Inflationary expectations in China are accelerating as agricultural product prices continue to rise driven by speculations as well as unfavorable weather this year.

Moderate world economy is underway, despite obvious risks and challenges such as the need for medium-term fiscal consolidation, according to a top official from the IMF.

Concerns are mounting in China over the high proportion of state-run businesses among the top 500 firms and the fact that despite their huge size, they have gained little advantages in earning ability.

China’s outbound direct investment increased 1.1 percent in 2009, marking the eighth-straight-year growth.

China's comsuer price index will peak in August, driven by soaring food prices.

Beijing and Kiev have signed 12 cooperation agreements on Thursday, covering areas in bilateral relationship, aviation industry, infrastructure construction, financing, electric power, etc.

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