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With this official start to a policy of selective easing, Beijing should and can utilize its strong fiscal position to strike a better balance between growth and inflationary concerns.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he plans to Call Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao today to discuss China joining Europe's efforts to resolve the region's debt crisis

Hard-landing fears remain unwarranted. We expect IP growth to hover at around 13% and for monetary policy to be kept stable in the coming months.

U.S. president Obama is to press his counterpart to let the yuan strengthen in a series of global summits to be held in November, Reuters said quoting a senior Treasury official.

The European debt crisis could hardly hit China’s financial industry, said vice governor of ICBC.

China jailed two officials for leaking economic data, the latest in recent stepped-up efforts to crack down disclosure in linked to insider trading in the world’s third-largest equity market.

China's central province of Henan was the third to be struck by a private lending frenzy following Wenzhou, home of entrepreneurs, and northern city of Ordos

Recent economic and social developments in China fully demonstrate that growth achieved through strengthened administrative control and pouring resources into the economy is unsustainable.

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