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"At this critical moment, the G20 must work to address the key problems, boost market confidence, defuse risks and meet challenges, and promote global economic growth and financial stability."

It was “too soon” for China to discuss more bond purchases from Europe’s bailout fund, said Vince Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao

European countries have placed hopes on China –who is sitting on 3.2 trillion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange reserves –for EU rescue.

Signs of credit loosening have shown in October, as the biggest four Chinese banks extended more than 60 billion yuan in only five workdays in the end of the month

China's PMI dropps for the first time in three month, which indicates a slowdown of the country's ecomonic growth.

China PMI came in a lower than expected, hitting to the lowest level since February 2009 and signaling risks in the world’s second-largest economy amid global savage turn-down.

Shang Fulin replaces Liu Mingkang as the new banking regulator; Guo Shuqing and Xiang Junbo were named as the securites regulator and the insurance regulator respectively.

China’s consumer price index, the measure of inflation, is likely to fall to 2.8 percent from the anticipated annual growth of 5.5 percent this year, said Li Daokui.

China is considering a proposal to create a regional bank in Southeast Asia to help the struggled small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fund infrastructure projects, Reuters said

Performance of Chinese companies as a whole in overseas capital market has been disappointing so far this year.

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