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China's auditing firms may be banned from handling audits for U.S.-listed firms as the two countries confronted with each other in regulations, which may trigger trade disputes, the Financial Times reported.

China's second largest developer saw a steep fall in house sales.

China's real estate faces a meltdown after home sales hit record low.

China-Africa Development fund is looking for more investors.

Chinese banks have seen sharp declines in the first three quarters this year, with total deposits in 16 listed banks down about 100 billion from that ending in the second quarter

China's CPI is likely to fall to 5.5 percent in October.

China's trade surplus is about to rise after falling for two consecutive months.

Repeated calls of China and other emerging markets revaluing their currencies and reducing exports would not produce a balanced growth, President Hu said.

Efforts to alleviate poverty in rural China are being undermined by measures that are stunting the growth of the country’s microfinance industry, a new study has warned.

“Major efforts should be made to reform and improve the international monetary system, international trading system and commodity pricing mechanism”

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