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China Central bank is likely to cut the reserve requirements for banks before the traditional Chinese lunar New Year holiday, which falls on January 22-28, as the bank halted open market operations again Thursday.

At 52.5.As monetary easing and tax cuts measures gradually filter through, growth momentum should start to improve into 2Q.

China’s central bank will maintain a “prudent” monetary stance and “ensure the continuity and stability” of policy in the coming new year, said Zhou Xiaochuan.

Chinese manufactures are still struggling as both domestic and external demands continue to cool.

Companies raised 73 billion U.S. dollars from IPOs in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong this year, almost double the amount of money raised on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq combined, according to Dealogic.

Chinese financial institutions are expected to extend 8 trillion yuan of new loans in 2012, Bank of China predicted.

The U.S. Treasury Department did not label China as a currency manipulator,” based on the ongoing appreciation of the RMB against the dollar since June 2010"

China’s foreign debts rose to 697.2 billion U.S. dollars at the end of September from the 642.5 billion three months earlier

developing counties should make preparation for the worst economic situation in 2012 amid rising global uncertainties, warned World Bank chief economsit Justin Yifu Lin.

China may further reduce reserve requirement for banks next year to release more liquidity into the system, said formal deputy central bank governor Wu Xiaoling.

Tariff rates for some imported goods will be decreased and imports of energy and resource-related products, advanced equipments and key parts and components will be boosted, Xie told a financial meeting.

Rising outflows combined with a significant shrinking of the current account surplus should reduce pressure on renminbi appreciation.

Japan is likely to purchase 10 billion U.S. dollars worth of yuan-denominated bonds, under a proposed bilateral currency and financial agreement

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