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Bank of China Ltd said on Thursday that it was lowering its annual GDP growth forecast for China to 7.4 percent from 7.5 percent and said more favorable fiscal policies are essential to maintain the growth momentum.

Those who have paid off their mortgage can be classified as first-time homebuyers and can enjoy a mortgage rate as low as 70 percent of the central bank's benchmark rate

Financing support is also set to be enhanced. The government said it will use "subsidies" and "incentives" to encourage financial institutions to provide more finance to small firms.

Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang attributed the drop to the weak global economy, fluctuation of the yuan and soaring costs, which made investing in China's low-end manufacturing unattractive

Zhou Xiaochuan said in March that China would free its deposit rates in one to two years, but one month later, Deputy Governor Yi Gang said Beijing was not ready to let markets set rates

The competitiveness of the domestic companies in the world's second-largest economy has grown remarkably and there are fundamental changes that foreign investment will have to adapt to

The official services Purchasing Managers Index edged up to 54.4 in August from 54.2 in July, the National Bureau of Statistics and China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing announced on Wednesday.

The typical supply chain today is agile, intelligent, transparent, and shorter than before. Managers will have to come up with accurate demand forecasts to cope with the rising volatility in demand.

The ancient trading relationships between China and its western neighbors provide a solid foundation for the creation of a Central Asian bloc

"A large channel, in which commodities, capital, transportation, logistics and information flows freely between China and other APEC nations, will be established," Zhang said.

"It's normal to have some monthly fluctuations in foreign direct investment figures. This doesn't represent the overall FDI trend and should never be connected with antitrust probes into foreign companies. " Spokesman for the Ministry of Commerc

Starting on Sept 1, the pilot will be applied at a total of eight ports-Nanjing, Suzhou, Lianyungang, and Qingdao in coastal areas, and the ports of Wuhu, Jiujiang, Wuhan and Yueyang in Central China

Despite a slowdown from June, the pace last month was slightly higher than the 8.8-percent expansion seen in the January-June period, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said in a statement

"In the future, people are not going to need banks. People need banking. The ability to integrate banking into the day-to-day life of customers is what's going to distinguish and redefine banks of the future and banking of the future."

"The weakness in the headline number likely reflects the impact of the ongoing property slowdown in many cities as property-related activity, such as agencies and residential services, saw less business," said HSBC's China chief economist Qu Hon

In the first six months of the year, investment into the steel and electrolytic aluminum sectors dropped by 8.4 percent and 31 percent year on year respectively.

Evercore, Greenhill, Moelis and Lazard turned in most of the second quarter’s best M&A results. They were pretty close on financial performance, too. Yet their stocks trade on wildly different multiples.

The average price of a new home in 100 major cities was 10,835 yuan ($1,757) per square metre last month, down 0.81 percent from June, the China Index Academy (CIA) said.

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