Stamp Tax-cut Boosts Shanghai Index
Stamp Tax-cut news on securities trading brought Shanghai index 250 points higher on opening
Oil Subsidy News Lifts Shanghai Stock Index
A government decision to give tax rebates to two oil companies and positive, first-quarter reports from financial firms gave Shanghai stocks a boost.
Shanghai Index Falls Despite Regulator Move
A gesture by the government's securities regulator turned the market higher Monday, but the bears roared again as the market opened Tuesday.
Shanghai Index Dips to Lowest Level in Year
Investors sent two Chinese oil stocks tumbling, pushing the Shanghai composite index down to about half the peak it reached a few months ago.
Medium-term Notes Hatch in China
New channel for companies to raise revenue permitted into China market.
Chinese Sovereign Fund Purchases BP Stake
The Hong Kong-registered fund bought a 1 percent stake in British Petroleum as part of a Chinese effort to invest some of its massive reserves overseas.
A-Share Listing Expected for NYSE Euronext
A Chinese regulator told Caijing that NYSE Euronext, the world’s largest bourse, is likely to win permission to list on China’s A-share market.
Risk-Taking by Top Executives
Are CEOs creating precarious bubbles due to inadequate compensation models?
Shanghai Index Lower on Chalco Allegations
Chalco officials are denying the fraud reports that sent metal stocks lower and contributed to Tuesday's pessimism on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
The worst sell-off in the MSCI China space may be over
The virtues and vices of the Chinese economy illuminated for market watchers.
Central Bank Official Upbeat on Derivatives
China's central bank supports expanding derivatives investment opportunities, although not without embracing lessons from the U.S. financial crunch.
Shanghai Stocks Fall for First Time in 5 Days
Investors sent Chinese oil stocks tumbling, while other major business sectors suffered setbacks on the Shanghai exchange after a four-day rally.
Securities Rules Easing for Foreign Investors
Chinese regulators plan to make it easier for foreign institutions to buy securities through the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors program.
Pay Increases Slow in Booming Guangdong
Salaries are climbing slower in the economically powerful Guangdong Province than in other parts of China as wage hikes lag behind GDP growth.
Sinopec Wobbles as Shanghai Opens Mixed
Uncertainty in the refined oil and metals sectors led shares lower Tuesday morning on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, despite profits at Sinopec.
Shanghai Stocks Rally, Financial Sector Gains
Chinese investors ended a holiday-shortened week by cheering the financial improvements of domestic banks and pushing stock prices higher.
China’s Gold Futures Market Opens to Banks
Regulators also might let securities firms follow bankers onto the gold futures exchange, which until now has been a retail investors’ market.
Audit of Government Uncovers Huge Losses
An annual check of government finances by national auditors revealed billions of yuan in wasteful spending last year, although some cash was recouped.
IPO-Anxious Everbright Paying Off Old Debt
Revenues from last year and early 2008 are expected to clear Everbright Bank’s books of debt in time for an initial public offering before the Olympics.
Growth Board Offers New PE Exit Route
By creating a growth board, securities regulators hope to encourage domestic stock listings when foreign PE investors cash in company stakes.
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