China's $85 Billion Mystery Slowly Unravels
Official statistics do not mention it, but short-term investment capital known as hot money is apparently flooding China. Experts say they know why.
Stocks Gain on Quake Rebuilding Prospects
Insurance stocks revived after the companies reported limited exposure to the Sichuan earthquake, helping the Shanghai index rise nearly 100 points.
Officials Act to Prevent Quake Price Gouging
Governments in the earthquake zone have been ordered by Beijing to monitor prices of food, water and medicine to protect victims from gouging.
Earthquake Shakes Up China
Communications disruptions forced suspended trading for scores of companies based in Sichuan Province, scene of China's worst earthquake in decades.
China's CPI Continued Elevation in April
Inflation report comes in higher than hoped for, but still no big surprise.
Credit Information Office Moves to Shanghai
A central bank agency that handles credit data on companies and individuals left Beijing to become another finance industry feather in Shanghai's cap.
Cash-Hungry Developers Try the Back Door
Accessing capital markets in the face of tighter controls on IPOs is possible for Chinese real estate developers willing to try a back-door listing technique.
Ex-Treasury Chief Urges Pause for Rate Cuts
Speaking in Beijing, former U.S. Treasury secretary John Snow said central banks are running out of options for responding to the credit squeeze.
Share-Dumping Cases Rattle Chinese Market
Property developers and a PetroChina subsidiary were accused of selling shares illegally to retail buyers before the mainland markets opened Thursday.
Shanghai Stocks Fall, Frustrating Prop Effort
Although May is usually a bullish month on China's stock markets, wary investors in Shanghai and Shenzhen once again pushed stock prices lower.
Grain Supply Stabilizing China's Food Prices
While food prices soar worldwide, China's economic planner said bumper grain harvests and strong reserves have fostered domestic self-sufficiency.
Market-Driven PE Funds Set to Launch
Two new large RMB denominated funds are rising, and in a different fashion from the norm.
Airline Stocks Wobble on Market Rumors
Share prices for China Eastern and Air China retreated on the Shanghai bourse after officials denied rumors about imminent mergers with other carriers.
Macroeconomic Policies Aim at Multiple Objectives
China's economy is navigating through dangerous, quickening waters. What course will the central bankers helmsman take?
Save the Market from the Bear
Is the hefty bear market picking itself back up on top of invisible legs?
Yongjin Group Chairman Commits Suicide
Media report that a letter Wei's relatives provided to on May 1 pointed to medical conditions that resulted in the entrepreneur's death.
Strong Bank Profits Boost Shanghai Investors
Quarterly earnings for ICBC and Bankcomm topped analyst forecasts and injected confidence into the Shanghai market as investors prepared for holidays.
Shanghai Stocks Waver on Quarterly Reports
A strong earnings report from Bank of China and a quarterly decline in PetroChina's income affected share prices on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Foreign Reserves Seek Higher Investment Returns
SAFE searches out higher returns to compensate for US dollar denominated losses.
Shanghai Shares Fall Modestly After Surge
Investors retreated slightly Friday in Shanghai after sending the market index soaring a day earlier on a government decision to cut stock trade duties.
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