Regulatory Brakes for Medium-Term Notes
The government apparently had second thoughts about a company fund-raising mechanism that competed against bonds.
China Ends Tax Breaks for Crude Imports
Tax rebates that benefited China's state-run oil refiners were canceled shortly after the government hiked fuel prices.
Shanghai Index Posts Welcome Gain of 2%
Investors reacted positively to a Xinhua editorial touting the market's stability, but analysts remain cautious.
Modest Results for Finance Sector at SED
Neither U.S. nor Chinese negotiators yielded much ground on the financial front at the latest Strategic Economic Dialog talks.
Markets Riding to the Rescue in Quake Area
A new Beijing policy initiative outlines ways that capital markets should help companies rebuild in the post-earthquake period.
Shanghai's 2008 Stock Slump Nears 50%
Property, oil and financial stocks suffered another bad day on the Shanghai bourse, where the composite index lost 3 percent.
Pension Fund Soars on Investment Earnings
Thanks to a rising stock market, the Social Security Fund council reported investment return rates as high as 43 percent last year.
A Rising Tide of SOE Stock Option Rights
Two company cases show what Chinese regulators didn’t know about how execs exercised their option, and how rich it made them.
China’s Execs Sweating Over Stock Options
After nine years and billions of yuan in cash-ins, China is again reviewing stock options for state-owned company chiefs.
Analysis: Stock Option Logic and Reality
Quality managers deserve stock option incentives, but only if the reward system harmonizes with corporate governance.
China's Zoomlion Heavy to Buy Italy's CIFA
Zoomlion acquires largest Italian construction machinery producer in an effort to expand international business.
Stock Market Rises on Energy Price Tweaks
Beijing’s adjustments of oil product and electricity prices were not unexpected, but Shanghai traders pushed stocks higher.
Financiers Find Gold in Charity Adventure
A couple quits the securities sector to start a charity and plunges into earthquake relief – and China's charity movement.
Chinese Stocks Snap Out of 10-Day Slump
News that Sany Heavy Industry would delay release of its lock-up stocks cheered Shanghai after three weeks of gloom.
Credit Suisse to Own Management Rights in JV
The Swiss securities firm owns only 33.3 percent of the stake, but will still have the final say in the management of the new joint securities firm.
Foreigners Access China Via Joint Trusts
A green light for joint trusts with Chinese firms is giving overseas investors new opportunities in the financial sector.
Analysis: Pricing is Key to Power Reform
Market reform of China’s power sector began in 2002, but achievements have been limited and goals remain unmet.
Australia and China Seek Stronger Bilateral Relations
Australian Treasurer pushes for an enlargement of mutual foreign direct investment, a bilateral Foreign Trade Agreement and an increase in cooperation on climate change.
Market Plunges on Softer Inflation Stats
Investors sent the Shanghai index sliding again, just as the government reported that China’s inflation rate improved in May.
Financial Services for a Healthy Economy
Maximizing the role of non-bank financial institutions in credit lending is one way to solve the credit shortage.
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