Caijing Macro Review: Still a Loose Monetary Policy
If investors are under the impression that China has a tight monetary policy, they are mistaken, says Caijing’s chief economist.
China’s Windfall Tax Caught in Heated Debate
A proposed windfall tax would enable dumping of newly freed shares into the A-share market, but counter reforms intended to bring about “100-percent tradable shares.”
Employment Pressure May Trigger Structural Adjustment
Leading economist Cai Fang reveals his insight into Chinese economy and economic policy; how China can avoid both inflation and unemployment
CIC Jointly Drafting SWF Rules
SWF representatives from all over the world meet with IMF officials to draft generally accepted principles and practices (GAPP)
Electronics Retailers See Slower Growth
Hampered by inflation and natural disasters, China’s major household appliance chains reported slower sales growth in the first half.
Macro Review:Are Falling Oil Prices a Blessing?
While lower oil prices might relieve inflationary pressure, excess liquidity in the global market could drag the world economy down right alongside.
Shanghai Composite Index Rallies
As companies hit the due date for half-year financial reports, the market gets a boost at the week's end.
Billions in Loans Unlawfully Invested in Stock Market
For the second year running, the National Audit Office uncovers pervasive illegal loans made by China’s financial institutions and assets managers.
Shanghai Stocks Reflect Mixed First-Half
CNOOC gained 4.26 percent; Alibaba soared 10 percent. Power producers fell, while hotel and tourist stocks were given a boost by state support.
Bank of Beijing Reports Over 120 Percent Growth
Bank of Beijing exhibited all the markings of success in its recent half-year report, but analysts say that its performance is among other city commercial banks.
Central Bank Calls for Agency Cooperation
An overhaul for financial regulators is near after years of fruitless discussion. But central bank-MOF relations are still touchy.
Shanghai Composite Index Falls Slightly on Mixed Earnings Results
Earnings are provided for oil, metal, and aviation stocks. China Mobile's profits soared 50 percent in the second quarter.
Fullgoal Fund Overhauls Management
Fullgoal Fund’s recent management changes suggest that Shanghai’s financial companies are moving toward competitive hiring.
China Explores Junk Bonds Market
A pilot project aimed at giving SMEs more options for financing will test the waters of China’s nascent, high-yield bonds market.
First Chinese stock stepped down from Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tainted by a management scandal, Asia Media will delist from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Auditor stated “no opinion” in the audit report.
Shanghai Market Roiled by Policy Rumors
An analyst report suggesting government action aimed at boosting the sagging A-share market gave stocks a short-lived boost.
Caijing Launches Macroeconomic Report
Registered Web site users will get special analyses and opinions in a weekly package, managed by economist Shen Minggao.
China Stocks Improve, Regulators Promise
The Shanghai index climbed a modest 1 percent Tuesday, reversing a long decline, while regulators pledged market support.
Shanghai Pampers PE Execs with Perks
Private equity firms hunting for tax deals are getting a lot of attention from Shanghai government officials.
Shattering China’s Olympic Economy Myth
Some forecasters fear an economic downturn for China after the Olympics spending spree. Why do many think otherwise?
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