Skittish CIC Sits Out Morgan Stanley Deal
Morgan Stanley was too expensive for China’s sovereign wealth fund CIC, which has lost a lot of money in the past year.
No More 'One Size Fits All' Bank Reserves
Regulators are preparing to adjust capital adequacy ratios to meet the specific needs of small- to medium-sized banks in China.
New Frontiers for China's Financial Sector
Redrawing supervisory boundaries and relaxing controls would benefit China's financial services sector - and its economy.
On the Trail of a Likely Loan Dodger
Bank investigators are trying to explain how a successful business in Huludao managed to dump its debt.
Safeguarding China in a U.S. Bailout
China should protect its investments and seek higher returns if T-bond purchases factor into a Wall Street rescue.
Ping An Lost 10.5 Billion Yuan on Fortis
As the largest shareholder of Fortis Group, Ping An Insurance was hit hard when the European company posted a 49 percent decline in net profit in the first half of 2008.
Rumors Blamed for Hong Kong Bank Run
Authorities say unfounded, hostile text messages prompted a sudden rash of withdrawals at the Bank of East Asia.
Painful Tests for China's Commercial Banks
Slowing economic growth and policy changes have significantly altered the loan business, a key income source for banks.
Dairy Stocks Plunge on Milk Contamination
Shares prices for two major dairies fell to daily trading limits on the Shanghai exchange as the melamine scandal spread.
Milk Companies Have Trading Suspended
Several of China's major milk producers have had trading suspened in the fallout of the recent contamination scandal.
Chinese Banks Rally, A-Share Market Slips
News of limited exposure to Lehman Brothers debt helped boost bank stocks on an otherwise dampened Shanghai bourse.
Macro Review: Policy and External Demand
Stimulating consumer demand could do a lot more for China's export-oriented economy than easing monetary policy.
Shanghai Stock Index Slips Below 2000
People's Bank of China rate cuts that failed to encourage investors actually may have triggered economic worries.
The Olympic Promise
Beijing got a lot out of the 2008 Olympics, but not everything the analysts predicted. Some economists knew better.
Home Mortgage Lending Sags in Shanghai
A central bank report says consumers in China’s largest city are salting away their money rather than buying new homes.
August Data: Inflation Tamed and Real Estate Soft
As the typically economic engines, such as real estate and autos, appear to be among the most sluggish, a slowdown in the overall economy looms.
Inflation Slows; Shanghai Investors Shrug
A surprisingly lower consumer price index failed to inspire trading on the Shanghai exchange, where the index climbed slightly.
Bond Plan Opens Funding Avenue to SMEs
But the government project designed to help 44 companies raise 4 billion yuan has been criticized as a political move.
China Proposes Exchangeable Bonds
China’s securities regulators designed exchangeable bonds as a means of easing the pressure resulting from newly freed shares from lock-up period.
Foreign Reserve Agency Invested in 50 British Firms
SAFE, China’s foreign reserve agency, has bought British shares valuing 3.66 billion pounds, including several banks.
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