NYSE Chief Invites Chinese IPOs in 2009
The head of the New York exchange assured Chinese firms that the coming year holds promise, despite a U.S. recession.
Central Bank Loosens Strings for Lending
The central bank has decided to adjust its credit rules to encourage more lending by China's commercial banks.
Reshuffling Begins for State Finance Arms
Two branches of China’s sovereign wealth fund, Central Huijin and China Jianyin, will take on new assignments.
Banks Rise on News of Eased Lending
While the overall market dipped slightly, Chinese banks got a boost from news that the government is raising limits on commercial lending.
Regulations Relaxed for Securities Firms
CSRC issued a new measure that clarifies, and in some instances strengthened, financial regulations.
Macro Review: China's Growth in 2008
With weakening external demand, China may not be able to continue a fifth year of double-digit growth.
Finance & Economy Oct. 27 to 31
Finance & Economy Oct. 27 to 31: Central Bank Cut Interest Rates, Beijing University Set up National School of Development, Zhengzhou Government Buys Housing, Interest Income Taxes Waived and more
Reports of Slow 3Q Pulled Down Market
The Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.97 percent October 31, to close at 1728. A recent lowering of interests rates seemed to have little effect.
Short-Selling Put on Ice for Chinese Stocks
Regulators eyeing liberalization of the Chinese stock market gave a go-ahead for margin trading but balked at short-selling.
Citic Pacific Stung by 'Cowboy' Investment
Citic Pacific – and other Chinese firms – bet the wrong way on risky foreign exchange instruments. Was fraud involved?
Macro Review: High Time for China to Spend More
Shen Minggao advocates for privatizing foreign reserves, developing bond markets, and further facilitating market access for the private sector.
Finance & Economy Oct. 20 to 24
Finance & Economy Oct. 20 to 24: GDP rise, fund performance, lending to SMEs, Jianyin investment, mortgage interest rate, Citic's forex contracs, American T-bonds, export tax rebate, Korean bailout plan
New Marching Orders for Securities Firms
Two branches of China’s sovereign wealth fund, Central Huijin and China Jianyin, will take on new assignments.
CITIC Pacific's Forex Disaster
An internal audit committee from CITIC Pacific pinned the blame for the staggering losses on the financial director and financial controller。
China Opens Exchangeable Bonds System
Exchangeable bonds represent the latest effort to encourage investment and boost China's slumping A-share market.
CITIC Pacific Facing Forex Losses
The Hong Kong-listed arm of CITIC says it expects as much as HK$ 14.7 billion in losses from leveraged foreign exchange contracts.
Shanghai Composite Index up 2.25 Percent
Better-than-expected third-quarter figures and the possibility of policy incentives give a boost to the market.
The Current Economic Slowdown
The current economic downturn is unlikely to deteriorate the over-capacity problem or result in deflation.
CIC to Increase Stake in Blackstone
The sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation will increase its Blackstone holdings to 12.5 percent.
Brokers Prepare for Stock, Margin Lending
After meeting brokerage chiefs, regulators started putting the final touch on a lending program that may boost the stock market.
Reserve Contradicts CIC’s Claim
CIC is not guaranteed to receive the full principal on its investment in the Reserve’s Primary Fund, according to a recent Reserve press release.
CIC Denies Losses
China Investment Corporation says it will reclaim fully on its investments in the Fund.
Red Flags Fly Over Stock Buybacks
A well-intentioned stock buyback program on China’s A-share market is apparently breeding a new variety of insider trading.
China's Race Against Economic Slowdown
Interest rate cuts were a positive step, but experts say deeper policy adjustments are needed to maintain economic growth.
Heads Roll at Chinese Securities Firms
Jobs and salaries are on the chopping block as China's investment banks and big securities firms react to the market meltdown.
Monetary Easing Is 'Not Enough' for China
Surviving the global economic downturn will require more than policy steps, such as rate cuts. China needs a proactive plan.
Stock and Margin Lending Plan on Track
Detailed guidelines for a pilot stock and margin lending program can be expected within the week, says a source close to CSRC.
Financial Stocks Soared on Street Rumor
The Shanghai Composite Index climbed 3.6 percent Monday, closing up for the first time in seven consecutive trading days.
Investors Pummel Shanghai Stocks Again
A government-led stock buyback program failed to inspire market players in Shanghai, where Chinese banks took a beating.
China Inches Toward Margin Lending Plan
Securities executives and regulators have discussed plans for a stock and margin lending project backed by the State Council.
China's Central Bank Joins Rate Cut Fury
By cutting interest rates in step with central banks worldwide, China appears to be loosening monetary policy.
Microfinancing Misses Underground Banks
Contrary to expectations, micro financing in Zhejiang has not brought the region's underground banking system into the open.
Skittish CIC Sits Out Morgan Stanley Deal
Morgan Stanley was too expensive for China’s sovereign wealth fund CIC, which has lost a lot of money in the past year.
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