Does China Need a Central Energy Regulator?
Government agencies have shared control over energy suppliers and consumers since the former energy ministry was dissolved in 1993. But a new, energy law proposal has revived a debate over central regulation.
A New Model for U.S. Venture Capital in China
Venture capitalists at KPCB are banking on success with a new investment model for China. The fund’s John Doerr told Caijing that newly formed KPCB China will be investing its $360 million independently – and hunting for the next Google.
No Room for Buffet Boasting in the Chinese Stock Market
The name of Warren Buffet just appears more frequently lately because many attribute his wisdom to their investment success in the Chinese stock market. But is China really producing a lot of Buffet-like investors? Is that why the stock market is so high? Andy Xie gives his conclusion.
Liu Mingkang’s Vision of Rural China’s Financial Reform
How far can rural financial reform go in China? When will China’s homegrown, rural banks survive on their own? Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, provided answers to these and other questions in an exclusive interview with Caijing.
Fast Loans, Hard Fall for China’s Wanjie Group
Wanjie Group’s sudden rise and fall highlights the danger of taking on too much debt in China’s roaring economy. Government officials played a role in the downfall, but will a future government bailout keep the banks at bay?
Fast Loans, Hard Fall for China
Wanjie Group’s sudden rise and fall highlights the danger of taking on too much debt in China’s roaring economy. Government officials played a role in the downfall, but will a future government bailout keep the banks at bay?
State Firms Targeted in Profit-Dipping Plan
The State Council is now considering the government’s plan to collect dividends, ranging from zero to 15 percent of net profit, from state-owned enterprises. But corporate governance questions and other issues remain.
New Bailout Likely for Indebted Rural Lender
Despite a government bailout under way since 2003, rural China's main lender for farmers and agribusiness still carries billions of dollars in bad debt.
Debt Deal Opens IPO Door for Chinese Broker
Guotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd., with assets of 40 billion yuan (US$ 518 million), is ready for regulators to approve its proposed listing on the Shanghai exchange after signing a Shanghai government-mediated settlement with the Shanghai State-Owned Assets Operation.
Canadian Warning to China: Obey Securities Law
A Canadian investor’s claim against oil giant CNPC is not the first class-action lawsuit overseas against a major Chinese company. The disputes share a common thread: Chinese companies were unfamiliar with strict foreign securities rules about information disclosure and insider trading.
Insurers Prepped for China’s Investment Boom
Wu Dingfu, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), said insurers are being encouraged to diversify their portfolios by cooperating with state-owned enterprises and financial institutions in an exclusive interview with Caijing.
Equity Fund Loses Test of China’s Banking Resolve
The American private equity fund Carlyle proposed a relatively small investment in Chongqing City Commercial Bank “to test the direction of Chinese policy,” a source told Caijing. But the Chinese government seems determined to stick to its rules for foreign investment.
Tough Love: Building a Durable Sino-U.S. Trade Relationship
The recent flurry of activity on the U.S.-China trade front has caused consternation on both sides of the Pacific.
US Downturn in 2008 May Benefit China’s Economy
As the US economy cools off for good, Europe and Japan remain in low-growth trajectories, and India takes time to remove bottlenecks to its growth, global capital may try to flood into China. It can be good or bad, depending on China’s policy adjustment.
Homemade Equity Funds on China
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is drafting a new regulation that could allow some state banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and pension funds to invest in private equity.
Loan Spree Drives Colleges into a Corner
Nationwide college expansion came to a halt after the ministries of Education and Finance called for "improving “economic responsibilities of colleges and strengthening bank management in loans to avoid financial risks.”
Uneasy Countdown For China’s New Futures Market
Some market watchers worry that the Stock Index Futures (SIF) trading carries potential for manipulation by institutional investors. Others fear that futures trading will attract too many small investors unfamiliar with the risks tied to derivatives.
Paulson Reiterates Further Capital Market Openness Crucial to China
By opening up to more competition, developing a capital market based on savvy institutional investors, as well as building a robust bond market, China can gradually move from its current over-reliance on export, and spread wealth more evenly among its population, according to Paulson.
China Unfies Tax Rates for Foreign, Home Businesses
The new tax law will enforce the same 25% tax rate to both domestic and foreign companies. However, a preferential 20% income tax rate will apply to small and low-profit enterprises to support the development of small-scale businesses.
The Slick Sales Pitch for Property Tax
A misleading campaign to promote a property-tax overhaul managed to accomplish the latter before the government collected a single payment from Chinese homeowners.
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