Foreign Investors Down, Not Out of Chinese Real Estate
The government has tried to restrict foreign investment in China’s booming real estate market with a series of rules and a recent crackdown on banks. Why hasn’t it worked?
Policymakers Take a Second Look at HK Stock Project
A sudden jump in share prices in Hong Kong and questions raised by experts prompted government policymakers to review a plan for opening Hong Kong’s stock market to mainland investors.
China’s Affordable Housing Push: Easier Said Than Done
A new State Council mandate has made housing for low-income urban families a national priority, but questions remain about local government support and ways to finance a huge project that could cost nearly 700 billion yuan.
Empower Regulators to Fight Securities Crime
A top regulator suggested empowering investigators with more binding rights, such as subpoenas, and letting CSRC file lawsuits and seek compensation for investors, making financial intermediaries liable for illegal tradings.
Forex Hatches
The as-yet untitled forex agency, under the finance ministry’s wing, will be managed by former top securities regulator Gao Xiqing.
New Rules But No Brakes for China’s Economy
China’s economic planners have mapped out a strategy for controlling energy growth and pollution, but see no reason to fear the specter of overheating.
Investment Trusts Widen Scope, Profit Potential
Ten investment trusts have been licensed and dozens more are expected soon now that regulators have opened a door for new business and investing options.
Did China’s Policy Bank Look Before Leaping?
The government’s China Development Bank is sinking billions of euros into Britain’s Barclays Bank in bid for ABN Amro, triggering debates over Beijing’s emerging role as a global market player with a lot of cash but limited experience.
Administrators vs. Stakeholders: Who Comes First?
A debate over shareholder rights is forcing a closer look at the government’s system for disposing assets of ailing securities firms, 30 of which have been targeted by regulators since 2004.
China’s Unique Cash Pool for Building Africa
Combining market principles with a desire to promote progress in Africa, the Beijing government’s China Development Bank has patterned its huge China-Africa Development Fund after private equity funds.
Equity Fund Evolution at China Development Bank
Beijing’s policy bank has spent a decade with private equity-style funds, weathering storms with a Sino-Swiss fund and reaping rewards from its top-performing ASEAN fund.
Overseas Investment, Bond Deals Still Unclear
China’s new foreign investment agency has appointed a manager and made its first investment, but questions remain about operations, jurisdiction and a plan to sell bonds.
New Rules as Non-Tradable Stocks Hit Market
Cautious regulators have crafted new rules to control trading in the billions of shares in state-owned companies that have finally reached the market.
Hong Kong Eyes Link-Up with Mainland Bourses
Hong Kong’s mighty stock exchange faces stiff competition from China’s rising stars in Shanghai and Shenzhen. But Fang Zheng, Hong Kong’s chief securities supervisor, is not worried.
New Shanghai Maglev line pending for double check
SEPA reevaluates the ecological feasibility of the Shanghai Maglev train following a report in 2006 widely kept from the public eye. Residents affected by new construction protest, citing concerns over the effects of noise and electromagnetic radiation on their health.
ICBC Chief Diagnoses Ills at China’s Mega-Bank
After the successful IPO (of state-owned commercial banks) and the entry of foreign banks, service quality is key to banks’ competence in China. In other words, the bank that provides the best service has the most competence.
Cures for China’s Feverish Stock Market
As housekeepers, migrant workers and even monks join investors flooding China’s markets, regulators and experts who fear a bubble burst are seeking cures for stock fever.
Cash Injection Proposed for Everbright Bailout
A government investment agency plans to pump billions of dollars into China Everbright Group, the parent of troubled Everbright Bank.
Rat-Hunting Regulators Battle Insider Trading
A campaign to curb insider trading has targeted fund managers, company executives and securities traders. But the crime is rampant in China’s blazing-hot stock market.
Open Markets are Bringing America and China Closer Together
"Commerce requires communication; communication leads to mutual understanding; mutual understanding leads to respect; respect leads to friendships; and friendships lead to lasting partnerships." Open trade is a win-win proposition for China and America.
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