Stung Societe Generale Still Upbeat in China
Huge losses tied to trading fraud has not stopped the French bank from pitching derivative products in China. Meanwhile, Beijing regulators are checking the bank’s risk control.
China’s Auditors to Disclose More Data
A new disclosure requirement for Chinese accountants and their firms is designed to boost the international credibility of the nation’s auditors.
Tighter Credit in Store for 2008
Chinese banks are under regulatory orders to slow the pace of lending this year, with smaller banks feeling more pinch than larger lenders. But are the controls market-oriented?
Analysts Not Surprised by A-Shares Slump
Policy moves by China’s central bank and investor reactions to a U.S. downturn factored into what analysts say was an expected correction on China’s domestic markets.
Investor Pessimism Rattles Chinese Stocks
Markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen plummeted to two-month lows as investors reacted to central government decisions and stock sell-offs on foreign bourses.
London Stock Exchange Lure Chinese Firms
A delegation led by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown helped open LSE’s first office in Beijing, six months after Chinese regulators opened a door to foreign stock exchange representatives.
Status Quo for China-U.S. Financial Talks
Increasing foreign access to China’s securities and banking industries continues to be a key topic for Chinese and U.S. negotiators.
Central Bank Names New Vice Governors
The central bank named Ma Delun and Yi Gang to replace a pair of former vice governors, one of whom retired and another who left for another bank last year.
Banking Regulators Approve a New Fund Management Company
Another fund management joint venture owned by a bank is expected to open by mid 2008.
China Starts New Year With Stronger Yuan
By cutting the central parity rate against the dollar, China’s central bank took a first step on a policy journey that may strengthen the yuan throughout 2008.
China Eases Rules for Foreign Securities Firms
China’s securities regulator says foreign investors who want to play the securities brokerage game can now invest in listed Chinese securities firms.
Investment Injection Coming for Rural China
Prioritizing city development has led to an income gap between urban and rural China, but the central government plans to close that gap through investment and public services.
Foreign Banks Eye Rural Financing in China
Cotton farms in western China are the latest agricultural businesses to receive financial support now that international banks are being encouraged to enter rural China.
China Gets First Foreign-Backed Microcreditor
A French investment firm is behind the effort to provide low-interest credit for some of the estimated 100,000 small entrepreneurs in the southwestern city of Nanchong.
Trichet: Emerging Markets Will Offset Possible U.S. Slowdown
“It’s a working assumption of the international financial institutions, as well as the ECB” that the emerging world in general and in particular emerging Asian economies led by China could offset such a downslide.
Stormy Seas for China’s Water Services Sector
Market reform has allowed foreign companies to snap up China’s water utilities, sparking debates over price hikes, local government roles and public responsibility, and shedding light on the pros and cons of water service reform.
New Real Estate Policy Targets Speculators
By boosting requirements for second-home down payments, the government hopes to discourage land hoarding and tighten credit for speculators.
Managing Liquidity Through Monetary Policy
Central bank’s Deputy Governor Wu Xiaoling gave a speech at a Caijing conference in which she described measures taken by the bank to mop up liquidity. She also spoke about the rationale and effectiveness of the bank’s moves.
Investment Plan for Hong Kong Bourse Revisited
Technical details have slowed, but certainly not stopped, the “express train” program that will give private mainland investors their first chance to invest in Hong Kong stocks.
Doubts About Winner of Gold Futures Contest
The experienced Shanghai Futures Exchange won the right to launch gold futures trading in China, but competing exchanges are not throwing in the towel.
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