High Inflation Worries China’s New Cabinet
Cabinet ministers are concerned about rising consumer prices, which may have defied monetary policy adjustments, and are seeking new solutions.
Top Economist Convinced of U.S. Recession
Interviewed at a Beijing forum, Martin Feldstein was one of several U.S. financial gurus who said they think the world’s largest economy is in recession.
Merchants Chief Urges New Roles for Banks
Savings accounts are down and wealth management is up -- two reasons why CMB's Ma Weihua says regulators should let Chinese banks adapt.
China Lifting Audits for Overseas Investment
Foreign investing should get easier for Chinese companies and individuals now that regulators plan to scrap a funding-source disclosure rule.
Bank of China Eyes BII Stake
Bank of China is one of the short-listed bidders to acquire a majority stake in Bank International Indonesia from Singapore’s Temasek, but experts sound caution.
More PE Plans Submitted to State Council
China is close to adding four, new state-backed private equity funds for specific projects, despite questions over the roles of investors and managers.
Macroeconomic Policy on NPC Agenda
While investors fear macroeconomic tightening, the National People’s Congress will focus on exports, infrastructure and the ‘super ministry plan.’
Who's Responsible for CIC's Foreign Exchange Loss
The foreign exchange losses at CIC due to the rising yuan against the U.S. dollar raise the question of who should be held accountable for the loss.
Securities Firms Wrangle Over Growth Board
In the competition for project financing, securities firms have been paying 10 times the normal price for representation on the pending growth board.
Swiss Bank Targets China’s Property Market
By partnering with a Chinese developer, UBS plans to funnel cash from overseas investors into a property market that Beijing officials want to cool.
Shanghai Stocks Fall Triggers Regulator Warning
China’s securities watchdog is concerned about the ‘market backfire’ after companies announced plans to raise more capital on the Shanghai bourse.
Background on Joint Securities Firms
Foreign institutions will not get involved in a joint venture’s technology and high-level management system unless they can occupy a dominant position.
New Appointment Brightens Reform Hopes
CSRC will appoint Yao Gang to be vice president, and the move is expected to bring more market-oriented initiatives.
S&P Warns Chinese Banks of Credit Risks
Although they dodged the subprime crisis, a Standard & Poor’s forecast says Chinese banks face domestic credit challenges linked to a real estate boom.
Chinese Banks Face Headwinds, Fitch Says
Fitch Ratings has forecast a more difficult environment for Chinese banks in 2008, singling out the property sector as a potential risk area.
Bank of China Upbeat After Subprime Storm
While unveiling a new venture with a U.S. investment manager, BOC’s president said the bank would report higher 2007 profits despite subprime exposure.
January’s CPI Suggests Inflation Surge
Fanning fears of inflation in China, the consumer price index (CPI) has soared to a record rate in more than a decade.
IMF Head Sees Slower Growth, Urges Faster RMB Appreciation
Managing Director at International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the worst of current crisis is not behind us, and the slowdown in the US economy would shave a 3/4 to one percentage point off most countries' GDP growth.
JP Morgan Gets Futures Foothold in China
By partnering with a small Chinese futures firm, JP Morgan is ready to march into China’s futures market, a final frontier for foreign capital.
Ice Breaks for Bancassurance in China
Banks and insurance companies have cooperated for years, and now regulators have given cautious approval to the closer ties that both sides covet.
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