China Begins Yuan Bond Issuance in Hong Kong
The bond issue in Hong Kong marks a crucial step for the regionalization of the yuan and reflects the deepening fiscal and financial cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong.
Shanghai Stocks Slide as Investors Take Dim View of G20
Investors also grew cautious ahead of an eight-day closure of the Chinese stock market for the National Day Holiday, which begins on Oct. 1.
Economist: China 2009 New Loans Likely at 9.4 Tln to 10.4 Tln Yuan
Demand for new loans in the second half will come mainly from ongoing construction projects.
Andy Xie: Why One Bubble Burst Deserves Another
The financial crisis taught crucial lessons about the dangers of bubbles, loose regulation and debt. It's a pity we didn't learn.
China Official: China Falls Victim to Protectionism
A Chinese official called on trading partners to avoid sending protectionist signals while the global economic recovery remains unstable.
Investor Caution, Mining Slump Drag Shanghai Index Down
Investors remained cautious ahead of an eight-day market closure for the Oct. 1 National Day holiday.
Rally in Financials Boosts Shanghai Index
Analysts speculated that the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan's comments might have led to expectations of an interest rate rise, which will benefit banks.
Ten GEM Board IPOs to Raise 6.9 Bln Yuan
A total of 22 companies have received approval to list on the Shenzhen-based GEM since the regulator started its review process on Sept. 19.
Weak Miners, Investor Caution Drag Shanghai Index Down
Nuclear power shares were the biggest gainers, leading wind power, smart grid, forestry and environmental protection stocks in outperforming the market.
Legislator: Lower Threshold for Private Capital
A senior legislator urged the government to revise financial leasing regulations so as to offer Chinese firms the same treatment as their foreign counterparts.
Steelmakers, Brokerages Push Shanghai Index Down
Investors turned cautious ahead of the eight-day closure of the markets for the National Day holiday, which begins on October 1.
Economist: How the Euro Rose and Rivaled the Dollar
The success of the euro as a multinational currency did not come overnight. And nothing similar is likely to emerge in East Asia.
Rolling Dice with Market Games, Loan Policy
Things got quiet for two months after a surge in bank loans sparked a stock market frenzy in the first half 2009. Now the players are back.
UBS Predicts 8.5% GDP Growth for China
Some analysts doubt that China's investment-driven growth model is sustainable in the absence of a rise in consumer demand.
China Urges IMF Quota Reform
Institutional architecture of IMF poised for adjustments; Current quotas allot developed countries 57 percent of voting power.
Shares at Shanghai's International Board to be Denominated in Renminbi
But critics say the decision could doom the board to the same fate of Japan's yen-deonomiated international board, which closed in 2004.
Opening Salvo in a Brutal Derivatives Battle
State-owned companies that apparently lost billions of dollars in derivatives trading are threatening international investment banks.
Bank of America Says No plan to Further Cut Stake in CCB
lBank of America's CEO says the cooperation with China Construction Bank is for the long term.
China, U.S. Establish Low-carbon Research Center
China's financial research institution, assets management firm and America's climate exchange join hands to research the financing of low-carbon initiatives.
Economic, Policy Optimism Drive Shanghai Index
Software developers, computer hardware makers and communications equipment providers were the biggest gainers.
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