The Crisis Down Under
It is two-faced to claim to care about the future and then fail to ensure that the country is adequately compensated for the depletion of its resources, or ignore the degradation of the environment.
China State-Owned Assets in Central SOEs Grow to 2Tln Yuan
The state-owned assets in China’s centrally-administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs) reached 2.01 trillion yuan ($297.4 billion) as of June 30, up 10.71 percent.
Rich Country, Poor People?
Controversies regarding this question are triggered again after the Ministry of Finance Wednesday issued glamorous statistics showing that China's fiscal revenue for the first seven months surged 25.7percent to five trillion yuan.
3Pct CPI Target is not a Warning Line: Official
The 3 percent target set by the government in 2008 should not be judged as a warning line.
CPI to Drop in H2, No Need for Interest Rate Hike: Economists
The year-on-year 3.3 percent increase in CPI for July is moderate, compared with the forecasted GDP growth of 9 percent for the whole year.
China's E-Commerce Market Turnover to Exceed CNY4Tln in 2010
The transaction value for China's e-commerce market is expected to exceed 4.3 trillion yuan by the end of the year.
China's Half-Year Credit Growth Back to Normal: Central Bank Report
The report said Chinese economy will grow steadily but upward inflationary risks should not be neglected, as loosened monetary conditions across the world have prompted international capital to look for outlets.
60Pct of Asian Cross-Border M&A Deals Failed
The failure of 60 percent of M&As should be contributed to insufficient due diligence regarding human resources and credit background.
China's Inflation to Hit Year-High in July
China’s consumer price index is expected to hit year-high at 3.3 percent to 3.7 percent in July as food price in China continues to pick up.
China July PMI Dives to 17 Months Low
Manufacturing activities in China continue to slow in July with the Purchasing Managers Index falling to a 17-month low of 51.2 percent from 52.1 percent in June.
Who Should Safeguard Financial Stability?
Although our central bankers are not perfect judges of financial stability, they are still the people who are in the best political and institutional position to ensure it.
Double-Dip Unlikely Despite Slower Growth: Central Bank Report
"While a further slowdown and stabilization of growth is likely, the possibility of a double-dip is low.”
China’s Central Bank Says Prices Curbed, but Warns Inflationary Risks
The consumer price index for the first half rose by 2.6 percent, or 3.7 percentage points compared with the same period of last year.
China’s LNG Demand Forecast Raised to 46Mln Tons
China’s LNG demand may reach 46 million metric tons a year in 2020, compared with a prior estimate of 31 million tons a year.
U.S. Predicts Record High Deficit for 2010
New estimates from the White House predict the U.S. budget deficit will reach a record 1.47 trillion U.S. dollars this year.
H1 World FDI Flow Records Slow Recovery
Global foreign direct investment inflows in 2010 are expected to reach 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars in 2010 and 1.6-2 trillion dollars in 2012.
China Class A Ordinary Shares to Dominate Global IPOs: DTT
China’s IPOs in class A ordinary share market is expected to raise a record high of 400 billion U.S. dollars by the year end.
China Should Boost Overseas Loans: Official
"China should expand the scale of overseas lending and back purchasing activities for Chinese technologies, equipments, and consumer goods using the Chinese currency."
Let Banks Be Public Corporations
The next stage of banking reform must rely on the real reform of corporate governance
China Remains Attractive for Foreign Investment: JP Morgan
In the past six months, enterprises have set their final IPO prices a relatively low level in Hong Kong Stock Market at, as investors still remain wary about economic recovery.
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