China Pork Price Rises to Three-Year High, Adding to Inflation Woes
Pork prices in China have been surging for four straight weeks to the highest level since 2008, adding to inflation woes that have afflicted the world’s second-largest economy for years.
Two Other U.S. Brokers Adjust Acquirements on Some China Stocks
Charles Schwab Corp joined Interactive Brokers Group Inc and TD Ameritrade Thursday in taking harsher stance and restrictions over leverage positions on some Chinese stocks, Reuters reported.
Money Magic
There are many things that the US needs to do to create sustainable growth, including improving the quality of its work force and infrastructure. Easier money is not one of them.
U.S-Listed Chinese Stocks Dogged by Accounting Scandals
Chinese stocks listed in the United States are largely traded below their initial offering prices, amid recent string of accounting scandals in the sector that spooked investors.
China’s Net Purchases of Japan Long-Term Debt Reach Record
China continues lifting holdings of Japan's long-term debt as it seeks to diversify its hefty foreign exchange reserves.
China CPI may Rise up to 5.5.Pct in May
25 institutions surveyed by WIND are anticipating an average of 5.4 percent increase in CPI this month, while some predicted that the reading may hit a 34-month high of 5.5 percent.
AustCham Urges China to Lift Restrictions on Financial Regulation
The Australian Chamber of Commerce in China urged China to lift restrictions on its financial markets in its first issue paper.
Yuan may Stop Rising in 2-3 Years: Former Central Bank Advisor
The Chinese yuan may stop rising over the next two or three years if currency continue growing at current pace, former central bank advisor Fan Gang told a forum in Hong Kong Thursday.
China has over 10,000 Local Funding Vehicles, Says Central Bank Report
China has more than 10,000 financing vehicles in local governments, up 25 percent from the end of 2008, a central bank report said late Wednesday.
China to Clean up Billions Worth of Local Debt
China's regulators plan to shift 2-3 trillion yuan (308-463 billion U.S. dollars) of debt off local governments, Reuters said Tuesday citing numerous sources.
Moody: Chinese Banks to Suffer from Proposed 4Pct Leverage Ratio Cap
Moody Investors' Service warned in a latest report that the proposed 4 percent minimum leverage ratio placed on Chinese banks would hurt banks’ profitability
China Boosts Holdings of Japanese Short-Term Bonds
China is increasing purchases of Japan’s government bonds, especially those with one-year or below maturity, Reuters said quoting a market source.
South China Drought Pushing up Prices, CPI may Hit New High this Month
A rare drought continues rocking the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China,, leading to price rises of wheat and vegetables, and pressing up inflationary expectations for the month.
Economic Studies Should Focus on Market, not Macro Polices, Says Xu Xiaonian
The studies of economics should be focused on the creation of wealth, or on the market, rather than macro-policies.
BRIC Nations Slam Europe's Dominance over IMF Top Job
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known as the BRICs, called for “a truly transparent, merit-based and competitive process” for the selection of next IMF chief, in a rare statement acting as a whole dated Tuesday.
Goldman Sachs Revises Down China Growth Forecasts
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Tuesday revised down forecasts on China’s growth in 2011 and 2012, while hiking inflation projections
Food Inflation may Rise on Spreading Global Drought
Droughts spreading across the world including China, Russia, the United States and France, may further fuel the already-tough inflationary situation especially in food sector
China Economist Warns over Bubbles all over China:2011 Shanghai Lujiazui Forum
China's independent economist Andy Xie warned Thursday over the country’s bubbles all around, saying that would eventually lead to a similar disaster as South Asia crisis in 1997 if not pricked.
China Central Bank Governor Defends Expansionary Monetary, Fiscal Polices: Shanghai Lujiazui Forum
China has been facing uncertainties in responses to hacking crisis, which makes it difficult to assess the negative impacts from such policies, Zhou Xiaochuan said.
IMF Managing Director Strauss-Kahn Resigns
Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned as head of the International Monetary Fund after being charged on alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid in New York, the agency said in a statement Thursday.
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