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Inflation is and will continue to slow slowly. But with growth still robust, we expect the PBoC to maintain stable monetary policy.

China's consumer price index rose 6.1 percent in September, slower than August's 6.2 percent year-on-year increase; PPI grew 6.5 percent

Export is on track for a slowdown that does not suggest that China will have a hard landing. Resilient domestic demand will allow China to achieve around 8.5-9% GDP growth for the coming quarters.

Government of in the bellwether Chinese city of Wenzhou is planning to create an emerging re-lending fund worth of 200 million yuan for its capital strained companies

The consumer price index (CPI) is forecasted to grow at a slightly slower pace from August’s 6.2 percent, according to a survey conducted by Caijing’s reporters.

Vice-Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai warned the United States of a trade war risk Monday, if the Congress passes a bill to press punish China’s allegedly undervalued yuan

A preliminary survey shows that 21 banks have been affected by the fall-out of capital chain disruptions that are grappling many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Wenzhou

The PCAOB issued a warning of risks the auditors may face when auditing companies with operations in emerging markets such as China.

Local government in Wenzhou, an entrepreneurial city in the eastern province of Zhejiang that is grappling with a credit crunch, has filed an application for 60 billion yuan worth of one-year loans

The U.S. Senate has postponed its vote on the much-debated currency bill until next week, due to disagreements in some changes of the bill between the Republicans and Democrats.

PMI at 49.95. Although the lagged effects of credit tightening will continue to cool industrial activity in the months ahead, there remains little need to worry about a growth meltdown.

China’s economy may grow much slower in the coming five years, with 59 percent of respondents predicting growth below 5 percent by 2016

Up to 29 bankrupt bosses in Wenzhou have fled since April this year and another one committed suicide, reflecting rising money tensions in small Chinese companies.

China may hike the non-performance ratio in small companies to 5 percent amid the country's widespread credit crunch.

An unnamed authority source dismissed reports that China may consider banning a popular corporate structure, known as VIE.

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