Andy Xie: Central Banks, Arsonists and Playing with Fire
Money supply growth has sparked an asset market boom that supports the economy, not the other way around. Don't get burned.
Experts Calls for Relaxing Financial Restrictions on SMEs
An expert has urged the government to ease financing restrictions on small and medium-sized firms to allow room for their expansion.
Shanghai Stocks Lose 2.8% as Investors Take Profits
The rising trend will not change easily, amid strong economic fundamentals and corporate profitability, said analysts.
Editorial: China's 8 Percent Window of Opportunity
Now that the recovery is under way and growth assured, China should focus on financial system reform and global responsibility.
Shanghai Index Flat as Oil Stocks' Weakness Offsets Gains
Citic Securities wrote in a report that "Inflationary expectations are stronger and the market will likely keep rising."
Currencies: A Front Line for Global Balance
Fluctuating currency values can make or break foreign exchange traders. On a far wider scale, they affect global economic balance.
Blog: Zhejiang and Decoupling
Whose side of the coupling debate is winning now that Zhejiang Province has detailed its foreign investment boom?
A Moment Too Soon After the Financial Crisis
Examining the recovery paths of major industrial powers in the 1930s tells us that thoughts of reversion to normal policies -- whether monetary, exchange rate, fiscal or banking -- need to be delayed until global recovery to normal is nearly completed.
Strong Earnings Lift Shanghai Index to Close at 10-Week High
Analysts expect that the index has more room on the upside, as the October rally draws strong support from the economic data and corporate earnings.
Shanghai Index Slips amid Concern over Possible Monetary Tightening
The State Council said on Oct.21 that the government will also manage inflationary expectations, while keeping the economy growing relatively fast in the coming months.
Central Bank Mulls over Loan Transfer Market
China's central bank is planning to build a national market within three years, where loans can be bought and sold.
China Q3 GDP Growth Accelerates to 8.9%
China's economy grew 8.9 percent in the third quarter, its fastest pace in a year.
Loan Surge Sows Risk at Rural Credit Co-ops
Rural credit cooperatives are shunning farmers in favor of government investment projects, raising fears of future defaults.
Shanghai Index Slides 0.45% on Profit-Taking
China International Capital Corp. said it expected the market to consolidate near the 60-day moving average of 3,033.67 points.
Caijing Survey Shows China Q3 GDP Growth at 9%
Accelerated industrial production, robust domestic consumption and rapid fixed-assets investment growth have combined to propel China's growth in the third quarter to its fastest pace in a year.
Slow Start for Pension Investment Strategy
Huge pension funds locked in low-rate accounts could be used for more lucrative investments. But one plan's details are controversial.
Strong Insurance, Banking, Retail Sectors Drive Shanghai Index Up
Insurers were among the biggest gainers, after the regulator said they were estimated to have achieved an aggregate profit of 39.2 billion yuan in the first nine months.
Related Background
Blog: Enhancing China-Latin America Economic Relations
Amid increased Chinese investment in Latin America, investment volume remains low. Exploring the economic relationship begins with an understanding of complementarity in export and import supply and demand between the two regions.
Shanghai Index Up on Strong Earnings, Positive Economic Outlook
The market rally was built mainly on investors' optimism over economic data and corporate earnings, said an analyst.
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