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Industrial output in China rose 9.2 percent in July from a year ago, compared with a year-on-year increase of 9.5 percent in the previous month

Chinese economist Ma Guangyuan said the 1.8% growth which he expected to be a year-low, is just a false fall dragged down by base effect.

Chinese regulator warned its state-owned enterprises to stop reckless investment and guard against headwinds facing the economy, as some reported slide in net profit

China has quickened its pace in project approval since March amid a slowdown, accompanied by intensified easing polices by local governments.

“At present, for every 1300 persons in China, there exists one millionaire”

China's official purchasing managers' index fell to an unexpected eight-month low of 50.1 in July, from June's 50.2,

Chinese banking regulator has ordered banks to scale up lending to local governments via local financing vehicles, at a time when local government kick started a slew of new stimulus packages

Our long-term view is that the deepening of China's capital markets is inevitable and that China's role in the global financial markets will continue to strengthen.

Chinese media reported that last year the pension had already seen shortfalls of around 2.25 trillion yuan

China is engineering a "soft landing", and the economy is on track to grow to around 8 percent before rebounding to 8.5 percent next year,the IMF said.

A preliminary reading of the purchasing mangers' index for July, released by HSBC Tuesday, hit a five-year high, up to 49.5, after June's final PMI dipped to a seven-month low of 48.2.

Chinese migrant workers return home earlier this year than in previous years due to flagging exporting market and impact from the government's continued curbs on property

"This is likely to avoid a 'hard landing' in the short term, but only at the cost postponing resolution of the economy's structural imbalance towards investment," Fitch Rating said.

China is likely to gear its monetary policies towards more easing, while maintaining an "active fiscal policy" in the upcoming mid-term economic conference

Profits of China's state-owned enterprises fell 11.6 percent to 1.02 trillion yuan in the first six months this year

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