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Economic growth in the world's second-biggest economy is expected to weaken to 7.8 percent this year, and 8.2 percent next year

That compared with a flash reading of 47.8 in September and a final reading of 47.6 in August, which may somewhat easy concern over a sharp slowdown in the world's second-economy.

Profits at major industrial enterprise fell 6.2 percent in the past month from a year ago to 381.2 billion yuan

Half of the bankers surveyed reported greater credit greater credit availability at their branch, up 10 percent, while companies reporting borrowing dropped 9 percent to 34 percent

The flash Purchasing Mangers' Index (PMI) issued by HSBC Holdings rose to 47.8, from August's final of 47.6.

China, who remains the country’s largest debt holder, upped its holdings slightly by 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in July

Foreign direct investment into China declined in August from a year ago, extending the previous’ weakness seen as the worst in two years

In the short term, such stimulus packages could help shore up a high growth, but they may have grave consequences in the long run as the weaknesses are exposed, Mr. Wu concluded.

China’s imports dropped 2.6 percent year-on-year in August, while the exports grew 2.7 percent year-on-year, below the expectation of 3 percent, raising worries of weakening demands both domestic and abroad

China's Vice Premier Li Keqiang played down the country's role in driving global recovery, as he stressed difficulties the world's second-largest economy are facing and mutual dependence among countries.

China posted a wider-than-expected trade surplus in August with an unexpected decline in exports, propping up speculations of anemic domestic demand in the slowing economy.

The consumer price index, the main gauge of inflation, grew 2.0 percent year-on-year, compared with 1.8 percent in July

Analysts are anticipating more such measures from the central bank to shore up the world's second-largest economy, after it reported grim economic data in the first seven months

Possibilities of an upward trend could be ruled out before the global economy escapes from the current mire, the survey showed.

The world's second-largest economy was valued at 47.3 trillion yuan, up 131.8 billion from the initial reading

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