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Chinese mainland ranks 96th in a Forbes list of the best countries for business while Hong Kong was placed the third due to relatively lower tax rates.

"We expect industrial-profits to have bottomed out in September/October, and foresee a recovery in profit growth in early 2013"

China will keep growing at a relatively fast but slower speed on the way to becoming a developed country and the world’s largest economy

Exports swelled 11.6 percent, the strongest rise since May, which leaves the country with a surplus of 32 billion U.S. dollars compared with September’s 27.7 billion

China’s CPI growth had been on a falling streak this year as it dropped to 1.7% in October from 4.5% in January and down 0.1% from the previous month.

China drew 719.2 billion U.S. dollars in the year from 2003 to 2011, and 314,000 foreign-invested enterprises were approved in the period

The government will "solve the problem of overlapping [of roles] between governments and enterprises, and also between governments and capital"

China's manufacturing activities have been picking up the slacks as the impact of previous policies kicks in, pointing to a moderate recovery in the fourth quarter of this year

China drew 83.4 billion U.S. dollars in foreign direct investment between January and September

Central fiscal revenue fell 2.4 percent to 366.4 billion yuan, while revenue collected by local governments rose 26.8 percent to 459.4 billion yuan

More than 10 trillion yuan worth of investment plans have been initiated by donzes of governments.

The gross domestic product in the first three quarters rose 7.7 percent from a year ago, the NBS said. Growth was 8.1 percent in the first quarter and 7.6 percent in the second quarter, measured year on year.

Open market operations, and reforms of the exchange rate and interest rate are the "three weapons" the central bank should use to rein in inflation, Mr. Yi said

The producer price index, which measures prices of goods at the wholesale level, fell 3.6 percent from a year ago

Trade surplus widended from the previous month's 26.7 billion U.S. dollars, driven by an unexpected surge in export.

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