WB Raises China 2009 Growth Forecast to 8.4%
The World Bank predicts that the strong "fundamental competitiveness" of China's manufacturing sector could hasten the recovery of the export sector and contribute to an 8.4 percent growth in 2009.
China Stocks Edge up after WB Raises 2009 GDP Growth Forecast
The World Bank raised its forecast for China's 2009 gross domestic product growth from 7.2 percent to 8.4 percent, on the strength of recovering exports and strong fundamentals.
Shenzhen Bourse Tightens Rules on Issuers of Exchange-traded Bonds
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued new rules on exchange-traded corporate bonds to better protect investors.
Overseas ETFs on Agenda of Chinese Fund Managers
Chinese fund managers are preparing overseas exchange-traded fund products, though there is not a timetable yet for the approval of such products.
China Merchants Securities Sells Bosera Stake for Listing
The China Merchants Securities IPO will be the third direct listing by a Chinese brokerage in seven years.
Chinese Banks Reduce Holding of Overseas Assets
A rise in capital influx between April and September was mainly due to Chinese commercial banks cutting their holdings of overseas assets.
Goldman Sachs Predicts 9.4% Growth for China's Economy in 2009
U.S. Investment Bank Goldman Sachs says China will replace the United States as the world's largest economy in 2027.
Shanghai Shares Rise on Oct Bank Lending Data, Wall Street Gains
Investors remained optimistic after the Australian central bank raised rates again on Tuesday and China Merchants Securities said it would open share subscriptions for IPO.
Unilever Faces Shanghai Customs Fraud Trial
A multinational manufacturer was caught by Shanghai Customs for evading tariffs. A court verdict is pending.
Chinese Stocks Gain on Signs of Strong October Factory Activity
The strong Purchasing Managers' Index "boosted buying as investors took advantage of stocks' lower price levels," said Zhang Gang, a Central China Securities analyst.
China Central Bank Opens Second Monetary Policy Unit
A new department was created at the central bank as planned to steer China's foreign exchange policy.
ChiNext Creates 13 Billionaires on Paper on First Trading Day
China's GEM market has given birth to more than a dozen billionaires due to extraordinary enthusiasm of investors.
China Shares up on Wall Street Gains, Strong Growth Board Debut
The strong debut of ChiNext boosted trading of small and medium-sized companies in Shenzhen.
Tell the Emperor What He Wants to Hear
Smooth talk and convoluted solutions magically appear when a monkey in an allegorical kingdom runs a failing banana bank.
Local Governments Lack Funds, Incentives for Low-cost Homes
As of August, local governments invested only 39.5 billion yuan into low-cost housing construction, only 23.6 percent of their 2009 target.
A Crisis Policy Exit Plan in Two, Easy Steps
Since a quick stimulus exit and credit clampdown appear unlikely, China's policymakers should consider backing off gradually.
Banking Regulator Tells City Banks Not to Expand Blindly
China's banking regulator asked urban commercial banks to watch out for risks associated with unbridled expansion.
Shanghai Index Down on Weak Overseas Markets, Commodities
The market was forced to correct in the short term on weak overseas markets and some countries' exit from stimulus efforts but the rising trend remains intact, analysts said.
Monetary Concerns Limit China Stock Rise Despite Broker Rally
The upcoming launch of ChiNext, the growth enterprise market scheduled to open on Friday in Shenzhen, helped lift brokers' stocks.
China Reopens QDII Program
Foreign exchange agency SAFE granted two firms more quotas to invest overseas under the qualified domestic institutional investor program, expanding the program for the first time in 17 months.
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