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The reforms could be costly but positive for China's shift towards services and consumption over investment and exports, said Rothman.

The slower growth in January-April, below consensus forecasts, versus 20.9% in January-March, indicates that China’s fiscal spending could have slowed in the month, said ANZ

Details of April trade report and anecdotal evidence have prompted many to believe that China's trade data was significantly inflated by companies fiddling their invoices to bring funds onshore to chase yield.

NBS senior statistician Yu Qiuyu citied a sharp increase in fresh-vegetable prices for the tepid tick-up in headline inflation.

In April, China's trade with the rest of the world gained 12 percent year-on-year, while trade with Hong Kong surged by 55 percent.

Overall, 2012 was said to represent a successful ‘soft landing’ in the reordering of China’s economy, from one marked by over-dependence on investment to one increasingly driven by consumer demand

That being said, the use of Hong Kong entities for holding investments in China is a well-trodden and defined path, and the use of the territory as a springboard into China cannot be bettered.

Export manufacturing moves on while sales-driven structures move in

While profits for the SMEs declined in 2013 and growth in the world's second-biggest economy slowed, tax revenue in local governments still rose by over 15 percent

HSBC China PMI for April was down from March's 51.6, and was largely in line with a flash reading of 50.5; China offical April PMI fell to 50.6 from 50.9 in March.

U.S. Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it will maintain quantitative easing policies and keep the ultra low interest rate unchanged

An upgrade will grant those counties bigger names and greater power, triggering worries over higher administration expenses as well as investment surges.

Profits at major Chinese industrial companies rose 12.1 percent in March from a year ago, a 5.1 percentage drop compared with the year-on-year growth for the first two months

While banks including Nomura and Citibank downgraded China's growth forecasts following the release, most banks are anticipating a growth recovery

20 of 31 Chinese local provinces have reported GDP growth rate in the first quarter so far,with all of them higher than 7.7 percent.

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