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India’s current young, dynamic, and maybe somewhat undisciplined, workforce is at the same age and in similar numbers to China’s 20 years ago

Internal calculations show that in the Jan-April period, as much as 75 billion U.S. dollars of free money flew into the Chinese mainland by the country's "customs special control area"

Several subway lines will among the first batch of traditionally state-controlled businesses to attract private investors this year

China’s value added of industry and urban fixed-asset investment both posted lower-than-expected growths in May.

The figures highlight weakening demands and on-going dwindling inflation pressures, said Qu Hongbin, HSBC chief economist on his weibo.

Exports grew a mere 1% while imports came even weaker, with a drop of 0.3% from the same period in the previous year

11 percent of the Americans believe China is the United State's ally while 44 percent think the two are friendly nations.

The early warning index fell to 89.3 in April from 93.3 in the previous month, and fell into the “light blue” area, which indicates a slowing economy

It’s expected that China’s outbound market will continue to grow throughout 2013 with numbers reaching 94million, representing a year-on-year rise of 15%.

The Purchasing Mangers' Index of May came at 49.2 following April's 50.4. The official PMI was up slighlty in MAY to 50.8.

They remain different, however, and China’s longer term problem is that its weakness – state control – is systematic, whereas India’s weaknesses are not and can be resolved through reform.

Like last year, the rest of Europe is heavily constrained by austerity programs that are delaying recovery and calling into question the timeliness of the measures proposed, said the IMD.

Europe, he said, will also benefit from emerging opportunities during the process, which allow the Europe to improve their technology and test new ideas

The Chinese economy is expected to grow at around 7.75% this year, down from an earlier estimation of 8%, said the IMF.

Nearly half of companies in China report declining profit margins from two years ago, suffering under the combined weights of slowing revenue growth and rising cost-driven inflation

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