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China's central bank has denied a rumor that it had banned Chinese leaders from extending credit to industries with excessive capacity.

"Despite the many challenges of doing business in China, this country still offers many opportunities for European companies," said European Chamber President Davide Cucino.

The "bottom target" for this year's economic growth is at 7.5 percent, and a growth below 7.0 percent will not be tolerated.

Time is running out on the current model which has relied on extensive growth—factor accumulation and relocation of labor from the countryside to factories

"Augmented" government debt was 45 percent of GDP and the "augmented" fiscal deficit was around 10 percent of GDP, the IMF said.

The June FDI data shows overseas investors are still optimistic on the outlook of China's economy in the medium and long term

China is able to meet its 7.5 percent official growth target set early this year, said Ma Jiantang, Director of China's National Bureau of Statistics

Reforms in areas such as taxation, finance and energy, which are well-prepared, will first kick off, Caijing learned.

Getting money into China will never be a problem. Getting money out could be.

The lower-than-expected CPI growth in the first six months was largely due to weakening home demands, contractions in the Producer Price Index (PPI) as well as declining pork prices

GDP growth was 7.7 percent in the first quarter and eased to 7.5 percent in Q2

Bernanke said the Fed would not raise rates in a short time, even if the unemployment rate triggers a threshold of 6.5 percent for the first hike of the near-zero rates.

Ordos' local government entities have amassed about 240 billion yuan in debt, compared with 82 billion yuan in revenue in 2012.

If the softness in the trade sector persists, China is unlikely to achieve its trade growth target of 8% for this year, said ANZ.

Inflation in the first six months was up 2.4 percent from the same period a year ago,the lowest first-half inflation since the financial crisis 2009

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