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China's official PMI saw its first drop in 18 months as the HSBC final reading hit a 3-month low in December.

“The true opportunity of a rising Asia-Pacific is to change the idea of progress – to prove that people and planet prosper best together,” Executive Secretary Heyzer stated.

Global demand for China exports is likely to continue improving modestly next year as developed economies including the U.S., Japan and Europe are recovering steadily, said the commerce minister.

Opportunities galore for growth in Sino-UK bilateral engagements.

"Compared with inbound investment, China's outbound investment is expected to take off in the coming years," said Commerce Minister Gao Husheng.

The London-based Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said China's gross domestic product (GDP) in US dollars would overtake the United States in 2028.

Total profits of China's industrial companies rose 9.7 percent, the NBS said, compared with October's 15.1 percent.

Analysts hold bullish outlook as developers go on spending spree.

In contrast, the Chinese economy's structural upgrading has been slow and has yet to show a fundamental improvement as expected.

A wide range of Chinese policies and practices, including export and investment restraints, serious intellectual property rights enforcement, continued to cause significant concerns in the U.S..

Quarantine authorities in four provinces have rejected 12 shipments, or 545,000 metric tons, of US corn this month, after detecting a genetically modified variant known as MIR 162 in them

"China should not take this issue lightly", Zhu said, adding it is important for China to watch closely on Fed's policy.

The United States Federal Reserve Board's announcement that it will scale back its bond-buying program could crimp liquidity in China at a delicate moment, analysts warned.

"The divergence shows that our traditional competitive advantage is ebbing, not to mention that the world economic recovery is fragile. As to our exports next year, it's hard to say anything optimistic."

Nearly 70 percent of bankers polled by the central bank believe the current macro economic conditions are "normal", up 12 percent from the previous month.

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