Japan Frees up Cash to Fight Deflation
Japan's central bank doubled the amount of cash it will make available to banks Wednesday while keeping interest rates at a record low
U.S. Officials Predict a Robust Recovery for Economy
The economic growth in the United States is projected to rise to 4.3 percent in 2011 and 2012.
China's FDI Climbs a Seventh Month
China's foreign direct investment (FDI) rose for the seventh consecutive month in a row, albeit at a shade lower than earlier
China Says Its Trade Surplus Cannot Be Used as a Justification for Appreciation
China Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said China's trade surplus with the U.S. is an outcome of globalization.
Obama to Create Export Promotion Cabinet to Promote Trade
Obama ordered the creation of an "export promotion cabinet" in an effort to promote U.S. exports yesterday
Brazil Economic Growth Will be Better than 5.7 Pct
The Brazilian government has raised its projection for economic growth this year from 5.2 percent to more than 5.7 percent
Geithner Warns EU Over Hedge Fund Regulation Rules
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned the EC over its proposal to tighten regulations on hedge funds through legislation
China Consumer Retail Sales Up 17.9 Pct
China's retail sales increased by 17.9 percent in January and February year on year, and totaled 2,505.2 billion yuan
China's CPI Gains to Slow in Mar., Official Says
China's CPI rose by 2.7 percent in Feb. from a year earlier;Official says the CPI will slow in Mar. as seasonal factors fade
107 Chinese Make the Forbes Rich List
Mexico Telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim Helu saw off Microsoft boss Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett to claim the top spot of 2010 Forbes rich list; 107 Chinese make the list.
EU Considers European Monetary Fund to Help Countries Like Greece
European governments are set to establish a European Monetary Fund (EMF) to reduce economic instability in the eurozone
Yi Gang: China to Invest More Forex in Gold Cautiously
China will consider investing more of its foreign exchange reserves in gold "cautiously" based on market conditions
UK Insists Further Negotiations on Compensation
UK insists a new round of negotiations with Iceland government to repay Britain savers' losses in the Icesave bank collapse with a flexible solution
Premier Wen Jiabao: China Expects 8 Percent Growth This Year
Premier Wen Jiabao expects China's gross domestic product to grow 8 percent and consumer prices to climb about 3 percent this year
Obama Makes Final Push for Health Care Reform
Urging the Congress to vote on the bill in the next several weeks, President Obama said he's going to do everything in his power to make the case for reform
SPD Bank Confirmed Stake Purchase, Cooperation Talks
SPD Bank confirmed talks with China Mobile on stake purchase and strategic cooperation;trading of its shares would remain suspended
Australia Raises Key Interest Rate to 4%
Australian central bank raised its key cash rate by a quarter of a percentage points to 4 percent, effective Mar.3,2010
IMF: Ensure Financial Stability in Developed Countries
IMF urged developed countries to promote fiscal discipline, make the medium-term financial plan and reduce the high debt to GDP ratio.
China Remains Biggest Holder of U.S. Treasury Securities
China remains the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities at the end of 2009
EU Economy Predicted Fragile Recovery
According to a forecast by the European Commission on Feb.25, the European Union economy will gradually increase by 0.7 percent, but still facing headwinds
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