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This time, by contrast, the new development bank would take the lead in channeling scarce homegrown resources into selected productive investment.

If there was anyone born in Hawaii later than 6:45 on December 31, 1964, then they’ve got me beat. But, you know what, if it means I get to meet some new people and talk about it, then it’s definitely cool.

Responsible sourcing is a duty, not a choice. And here, the EU is lagging behind.

But, if implemented correctly, sound regulation can strengthen countries’ growth capacity, while protecting citizens and improving their long-term living standards.

But if the global economy fails to take off, we will have to reconcile ourselves to a long period of mediocre growth in which cheap capital depresses yields, drives up asset prices, inflates bubbles, and seeks out trophy assets

The System is Working


In international relations, collective misperceptions can create their own reality. If pundits continue to insist that the system failed, wonks will devote time and effort to figuring out how to fix what is not broken

The reliance of modern banking regulation on risk weighting is nowhere more important than in the mortgage market. If regulators get it wrong, the entire edifice could collapse – yet again.

Just as Bill Murray’s character could not escape Groundhog Day without radically changing his life, we cannot expect different economic outcomes without fundamentally different growth models.

The Road from Thirst


The Humanities Crisis


Lost in Transition


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