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China has filed lodged an official complaint to Japan, and the central government "understands" and "supports" Nanjing's decision to halt ties with its sister city Nogoya

Shares of e-commerce firm Alibaba.com jumped 43 percent early Wednesday after its parent company announced a plan to take the listed unit private

Proview has made misleading statements that could damage the Apple’s business in China, the U.S. tech giant said in a letter, warning of a legal lawsuit against Proview.

China will increase the number of foreign films allowed into China each year by 14 under a revenue-sharing agreement, at least for so-called enhanced films that are shown in IMAX or 3-D

Corruption takes many forms, but, in emerging markets, a combination of factors has turned it into a cancer that ultimately topples regimes.

“We hope that the U.S. side could...adopt concrete measures to promote mutual trust, especially to properly and discreetly handle the issues concerning the core interest of China."

Vice President Xi Jinping’s historic visit to the U.S. has the potential to reinvigorate our economic and cultural ties, leading to the coming round of the annual Strategic & Economic Dialogue,and...

A total of 1.84 trillion yuan (US$290 billion) of local government debt is due to be repaid in 2012

the timing of Xi’s visit is significant as China's transition and U.S. elections approaching later this year.

Chinese authorities say they are investigating after one of the country’s top police chiefs spend a day at a U.S. consulate

Food prices gained 10.5 percent in the month, contributing 3.29 percentage poiknts to the overal growth in the indicator.

But can the dissonant values, aspirations, and interests of the US, China, and the rest of Asia be reconciled in the decade ahead?

China’s foreign exchange inflow has slowed down but there is no sign of massive capital flight out of the country the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said

The European Commission said Monday it would continue charging airlines using the airports of its member states for their greenhouse gas emissions

Self-governance is the only appropriate way to improve rural community administration, the premier said.

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